藤原 京子

Kyoko Fujiwara



I’m a Tokyo-based visual artist, who works mainly in the mediums of site-specific installations and sculptures. I attempt to express the notion of boundaries, and the quiet unknown world lying beyond lived experiences. My visual investigations represent inseparable yet opposite ideas – interior and exterior, eternity and demise, sanctity and secularity. I use straight thin steel and cut glass to make my work. The hard, cold, reflective and fragile properties of steel and glass possess defining characteristics. These materials are cut, welded, inlaid, combined together and installed to create large-scale sculptural forms that are seamlessly integrated into the venues of each work. By exploiting the environmental and architectural features of the spaces in which they are presented and in addition to the innate qualities of the materials, my work generates a strong sense of tension lying at the boundary between the known world and what lies beyond it.



1991 東京造形大学造形学部デザイン学科研究課程修了
1990 東京造形大学造形学部デザイン学科卒業

2016「Dawn – 暁」CMUセンターAnnex : チェンマイ大学 チェンマイ / タイ
2014「Gate」岩崎ミュージアム 横浜 / 神奈川
2012「Biflöst」 岩崎ミュージアム 横浜 / 神奈川
2011「fragile」 岩崎ミュージアム 横浜 / 神奈川

2016「Water Tower Art Fest 10th Anniversary」ソフィア / ブルガリア
「WALK ON THE SEA 日本現代美術展」53美術館, 広州 / 中国
2015「中之条ビエンナーレ2015」中之条 / 群馬
「日本現代アート展 胎動」53美術館 広州 / 中国
2014「ZUSHI ART SITE 2014」逗子 / 神奈川
2013「中之条ビエンナーレ2013」中之条 / 群馬
「境界」倉庫現代美術館 高山村 / 群馬
2011「現代日本人作家展」寧波美術館 寧波 / 中国

Artist In Residence
2017 Vermont Studio Center バーモント / アメリカ
2016 チェンマイ大学 チェンマイ / タイ
2015, 2016 53美術館 広州 / 中国
2011- 2012 黄金町 Artist In Residence Program 横浜 / 神奈川
2010, 2011 BankART Studio NYK Artist In Residence Program 横浜 / 神奈川

2017 Vermont Studio Center Artist’s Grant
2016 平成28年度 文化庁新進芸術家海外研修制度研修員 (短期)ブルガリア
野村財団芸術文化助成 (WTAF)


Born in Tokyo,Japan
Lives and Works in Tokyo, Japan

1991 Complete Resarch Student of Design Course, Tokyo Zoukei University
1990 BFA Tokyo Zoukei University of the Arts, Design Course, Tokyo, Japan

Solo Exhibition 
2016 “Dawn” CMU Art Center : Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai / Thailand
2014 “Gate” IWASAKI MUSEUM, Yokohama / Kanagawa
2012 “Biflöst” IWASAKI MUSEUM, Yokohama / Kanagawa
2011 “fragile” IWASAKI MUSEUM, Yokohama / Kanagawa

Group Exhibition
2016 “Water Tower Art Fest 10th Anniversary” Bulgaria / Sofia
“WALK ON THE SEA : Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition” 53ART MUSEUM, Guangzhou/ China
2015 “NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2015” Nakanojo, / Japan
“Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition2015 Fetal Movement”
53ART MUSEUM, Guangzhou/ China
2014 “ZUSHI ART SITE 2014” Zushi, Kanagawa / Japan
2013 “NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2013” Nakanojo / Gunma
“Boundary” Warehouse gallery of contemporary Art, Takayama / Gunma
2011 “Contemporary Japanese Artists” Museum Ningbo, Ningbo / China
“BankART AIR OPEN STUDIO” Yokohama / Kanagawa
2010 “BankART AIR OPEN STUDIO SUMMER OPEN” Yokohama / Kanagawa

Artist in residence
2017 Veramont Studio Center, Vermont / USA
2016 Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai / Thailand
2015, 2016 53ART MUSEUM, Guangzhou/ China
2011-2012 Kogane-cho Artist In Residence Program, Yokohama / Japan
2010, 2011 Bank ART Artist In Residence Program, Yokohama / Japan

2017 Vermont Studio Center Artist’s Grant
2016 A Participant In The Japanese Government Overseas Study Program For Upcoming Artists (short program)
NOMURA Foundation (WTAF)


  • 藤原 京子 ARTWORKS
  • 藤原 京子 ARTWORKS
  • 藤原 京子 ARTWORKS
  • 藤原 京子 ARTWORKS
  • 藤原 京子 ARTWORKS
  • 藤原 京子 ARTWORKS