しばた みづき

Midzuki Shibata
しばた みづき




An art experimenter / Based in Tokyo.
As I had the experience of “imagine the inside” through lessons of Kendo and Chado, I had worked on making “gaze” visible, but I gradually became interested in “pot” as a form of imagining the contents and worked on “pot” as an object to admire.
In recent years, under the theme of “Why Do Humans Form Vessels?” I have repeatedly used daily items to “make a pot”.
The main materials are the soil of the place I visited and the waste generated in my life, and I selects those materials in order to get the initial action of “make” from where I am/where I was.


1987 東京都生まれ
2011 東京芸術大学 美術学部絵画科油画専攻 卒業
2014 東京芸術大学 大学院美術研究科絵画専攻油画研究分野 修了
2015-2016 Cité internationale des Arts Paris (France) レジデンス
2017-2018 École des Beaux Arts de Paris (France) 川俣正アトリエ 協定留学
2019 東京芸術大学 大学院美術研究科博士後期課程美術専攻油画研究領域油画研究分野 修了 / 美術博士

2020 個展「POTS」Rise Gallery/東京
2019 「中之条ビエンナーレ2019」中之条町各地/群馬
2019 個展 iGallery DC/山梨
2018 個展「みることについて」藍画廊/銀座
2017 「La tête en fumet」Maison du Japon/パリ(フランス)
2016 「Places-場所」Kunstverein Jahnstrasse e.V./ブラウンシュヴァイク(ドイツ)
2015 「PRIMITIVE ACT」頂ビル/新富町、2016 「RUINES」Avaricum/ブルジュ(フランス)
2014 「表現のチカラ 東京藝大セレクション」玉藻公園・飛雲閣/高松(香川)
2011 グループ公開制作「空中」ARCUSスタジオ/守谷
2011 ヨコハマトリエンナーレ2011【BankArt Life 3】新・港村-小さな未来都市「TEAM それがすき」/新港ピア
2009 [No Man’s Land]「MEMENTO VIVERE/MEMENTO FANTASMA(生きてる記憶/幻の記憶)」 旧在日フランス大使館庁舎別館/南麻布


1987 Born in Tokyo, Japan.
2011 BFA, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Oil painting course.
2014 MFA, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Oil painting course.
2015-2016 Residency of Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris.
2017-2018 Learning as exchange at Beaux-Arts de Paris.
2019 PhD, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.

2019 Winning the 2nd International Art Exhibition in Makurazaki Prize
2017 Kan-hikari Arts prize
2015 Supported by Japan Arts Foundation
2015 Scholar of Ishibashi Foundation for Traveling Scholarship Program of Geidai
2014 Winning the Takahashi Geiyu-kai prize
2011 Winning the Mr.O prize
2008 Winning the Keiichiro Kume prize

Public Collection
The University Art Museum / GEIDAI, Tokyo, Japan
Minakami Collection / Gunma prefecture, Japan

Solo Exhibition
2020 <POTS> RISE Gallery / Tokyo, Japan
2019 <Mizuki Shibata Solo exhibition> iGallery DC / Yamanashi, Japan
2018 <Perception> Ai Gallery / Tokyo, Japan
2018 Small exhibition<Objet -les petit pot-> galerie Ichi-gatsu to Shichi-gatsu / Paris, France
2016 <VISIBLE/IMVISIBLE/LESS-VISIBLE> City des arts Paris / Paris, Tokyo
2013 <MIRU TSUBO> SUZUYA Draper’s shop / Tokyo, Japan
2010 <Experiments> Open Studio&Gallery SUZULOHAKO / Tokyo, Japan
2009 < trim.> HIMAWARI Garden / Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibitions & Works
2021 <Onirism Collectif #7> zoom / online event
2019 <Nakanojo Biennale 2019> Akaiwa-village(Gunma), Japan
2019 <Espace de Réflexion> Spiral / Tokyo, Japan
2018 <Doctoral Program Final Exhibition 2018 – Tokyo University of the Arts> The University Arts Museum / Tokyo, Japan
2018 <KAN-HIKARI ART EXPO 2018 KYOTO・KAMAKURA ~結 musubi~> Sennyu-ji / Kyoto, Japan
2018 <Esprit es-tu là?> Design Festa Gallery / Tokyo, Japan
2018 <Obi vol.04 – Shoei Dormitory Stories> Shoei Dormitory / Kyoto, Japan
2018 <Mutual Grounds> Galerie Droite / Paris,France
2018 <Le Flash> Gallery Droite et Gauche / Paris, France
2017 <La tête en fumet> Maison du Japon / Paris, France
2017 <Gakugei University Ishii Lab×Paris Beaux-Arts Tadashi Kawamata
2017 Atelier[workshop:white]> Cour Vitrée du Palais des études / Paris, France
2017 <PRIMITIVE ACT」Gakusei-Kaikan / Tokyo, Japan
2017 ZHdK×GEIDAI project <Moving Perception in Tokyo> Yuga Gallery / Tokyo, Japan
2016 <depositors meeting 14> art & rever bank / Tokyo, Japan
2016 <PLACES> Kunstverein Jahnstrasse e.V. / Braunschweig, Germany
2016 <Student Arts marathon> blanClass / Yokohama, Japan
2016 <Art in Yujuku> Minakami onsen village / Gunma, Japan
2016 <upward view> project room of Geidai / Tokyo, Japan
2016 <RUINES> Centre Commercial Avaricum / Bourges, France
2015 <ZHdK&GEIDAI – Half-open, Half-collapsed, Half-understood> Chinretsu kan / Tokyo, Japan
2015 <Munster Academy&GEIDAI – A Guest + A Host = A Ghost> Tokyo University of the Arts / Tokyo, Japan
2015 <Inner History> Ai Gallery / Tokyo, Japan
2015 <OBI vol.02 -HIRAKU-> Obiya Sutematsu / Kyoto, Japan
2015 <Yadokari Tokyo vol.15 – PRIMITIVE ACT> Itadaki BLD. / Tokyo, Japan
2015 <One Corner and Space> Gallery Hakusen / Tokyo, Japan
2014 <The Power of Expression – Tokyo University of the Arts selection> Hiunkaku / Kagawa, Japan
2014 <OBI vol.01> Yuga Gallery / Tokyo, Japan
2013 <Tokyo-ArtMeeting03-Arts and Music> The University Art Museum / Tokyo, Japan
2013 <Self Portrait 4/12> Art Space1,2 / Tokyo, Japan
2012 <In the AIR at Harada rice shop> Harada rice shop / Chiba, Japan
2012 <Open end / Open process> Tokyo University of the Art / Tokyo, Japan
2011 <Staring Eyes/Sly Eyes> [five shows a year] Yuga Gallery / Tokyo, Japan
2011 <Spring Board2011> Ueno Break Station Gallery / Tokyo, Japan
2011 <4th The Pyramid Scheme> RED CUBE Project Room / Tokyo, Japan
2010 <MACHI-NAKA Art University project – HOME ROOM> KOJIMA ART PLAZA / Tokyo, Japan
2009 <Embassy of France & Tokyo University of the Arts participates in the host project [No Man’s Land] MEMENTO VIVERE/MEMENTO FANTASMA> Embassy of France former building / Tokyo, Japan
2009 <SUZULOHAKO Opuscule Exhibition> OpenStudio&Gallery SUZULOHAKO / Tokyo, Japan
2009 <Yu-bi ‘09> Tower Hall FUNABORI / Chiba, Japan
2009 <GEIDAI&QCA joint project – HASHI HASHI> QCA Gliffith Univ.The Galleria / Queensland, Arstraria
2008 <GEIDAI&QCA joint project – PLANET UENO> Old SAKAMOTO elementary school / Tokyo, Japan
2008 <THE KUME PRIZE -2008-> Tokyo University of the Arts / Tokyo, Japan