Mervy Pueblo
活動地:Rosario, Cavite



Everything that we know, understand, and can imagine comes from our relationship with the world. The wholeness of our consciousness, even the subconscious, is constructed by interrelation. Through interacting and participating in the world, experience brings deeper insights that foster unlimited creativity. It is not the intellectual justification that I focus on in my practice, but rather my real concerns – not art style or trend, but the interest in existentialism. It is about the intersubjective real : the two sides of the coin, the gray area, the unquantifiable, or indefinable relation between people in terms of love, hate, fear, and courage.

Penetrating the obscurities of quotidian life and its articulation requires a clear view of the present condition. Hence, through fieldwork, the lay ethnographer becomes an observer and applies the method of cultural immersion to have a visceral experience of the world. With this visceral experience of the world, the artist can have a magnified view of the world. From brushing our teeth to making love, it is no secret that we can experience or understand it a bit more through closer inspection. Hence, art for me becomes like a magnifying lens that helps us to be more aware of what is right under our nose, which consequently leads us to reflect our actions.

Dialogue is deeply beautiful, as it is shareable, direct, and honestly truthful. It makes us feel or experience the real. Thus, to me, connecting with another human being is more important than the objects and/or situations I construct as it may open up our understanding of the world a little bit more.


MFA in Visual Studies with units in Art Education, MCAD, MN, USA (2013)


Marciano Galang Art Prize 2020

Ateneo Art Gallery/Arete, QC, Metro Manila, Philippines, November 2020

Award for Continuing Excellence and Service (ACES)

Metrobank Foundation Inc., Manila, Philippines, February 2019

Semi-finalist, Metrobank Art and Design Excellence National Sculpture Competition
Metrobank Foundation, Inc., Philippines, 2018

MCAD Nominee, AICAD Teaching Fellowship, USA/Canada, 2016

Winner, Thirteen Artist Awards, Cultural Center of the Philippines, 2015

Helena Z. Benitez Artist-in-residence Award, The Philippine Women’s University, 2013-15

Winner, Ethel Morrison Van Derlip Award
MPLS, MN, USA, 2013

Ateneo Art Awards: 2012 Exhibition Competition, Ateneo University, Philippines, 2012

Best in Show, Made@MCAD B.I. Worldwide Gallery, Minneapolis, MN., 2012

Principal Scholarship Award, Fulbright-Philippine American Education Foundation, 2011-13

Trustee Scholarship Awardee, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 2011-13

Finalist, Metrobank Art and Design Excellence, National Sculpture Competition, Metrobank Foundation, Inc., Philippines, 2007-2010

Special Citation, MADE, National Sculpture Competition, Metrobank Foundation, Inc., Philippines, 2006

Recognition of Talented Youth in the Arts, Office of the Pasig-Quezon City Mayor, 2006

Dean’s List, St. Scholastica’s College de Manila, 2001 & 2003