Martyna Miller

Her projects explore the relationship between memory and the body. Through memories and their reconstructions, she creates methods to work with the mediality of experience. She is interested in the relationship between nature and community in processes of healing, production and transformation. Her recent projects, such as Memory Carp, Intimacy of Waters and Sexinsitu, analyze individual and collective relationships with water and the ocean, entering the space of hydro-activism. In the land-use project Lack of Forest, she works in post-hurricane landscape. She transformed a mound of roots into a monumental sculpture that is subjected to overgrowth processes. Martyna uses video, performance, sound and more. She combines work with communities and institutions, folklore and science, myth and knowledge.She uses video, performance, sound and more. Her works are often in the form of series, collections, gestures, fragments of broader explorations.


Sexinsitu, Exit Code, 8. Mediations Biennale, BWA Olsztyn, Poland

Feral Gift, Hybrid landscapes, Zip collective, Rotterdam, Holland
November 2022, Publication “Cooperation” together with Galeria Miejska Arsenał, Poznań, Poland
Uchronia of the New Beginning, exhibition by Przybyszki (New Comers), Komuna Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland
Secondary Archive, Manifesta Biennal, Prishtina, Kosovo
Sexinsitu, Polish Pavilion Nord Art Biennale, Buedelsdorf, Germany
“Feral Gift”, Uroboros Festival, Prague, Czech Republic
Variations on unallying, Coalition Exhibition, together with, DOMIE, Poznań, Poland
Sexinsitu, Transcommunities, cur. R. Kluszczyński & A. Pawlak, Fotofestival, Łódź, Poland
Sexinsitu, “The discomfort of evening”, cur. M. Komornicka, Zachęta – National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland
Sexinsitu, ACT/US, cur. K.Kliszewska, Prześwit Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
Guest speaker at Herclique conference: „Here is my body. Are our bodies political? How can we use them to
create art?”, Warsaw, Poland
Guest speaker at Women at the Academies conference, Academy of Art in Gdańsk, Poland
SIS JP, japanese edition of Sexinsitu project, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo, Japan
View From The Window, Creatures – Creative Practices for Transformative Futures Festival, Seville, Spain
Guest speaker “Anticipating Change – From climate collapse to eco-social futures”, Creatures Festival, Spain
“Lack of Forest” project – 3 events in the posthurricane landscape, unveiling the plaque of the mound –
sculpture made from post-hurricane hip of roots, I transformed into an art piece (thanks to agreements with
local Forestries). I take care of this live-scupture since 2018 until it naturally rots away (developed since 2018)
“View from the Window” neighbors exhibition at DOMIE, Poznań, Poland
“Communion. Reconstruction” screening, CK Zamek, Poznań, Poland
Plastic Ghosts of Kikukawa, Niech płyną. Inne rzeki Warszawy, exhibition in Wola Museum, Warsaw, Poland

Unlearning exhibition, DOMIE, Poznań, Poland
Guest speaker at “Critical Art in Belarus and Poland beyond established mindsets”, DOMIE, Poznań, Poland
Sexinsitu, Almissa Festival, cur. G. Bavcevic, Omis, Croatia
Living a Feminist Life, cur. L. Zeic, M. Komornicka, Zachęta – National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland
Sexinsitu, solo exhibition, cur. T.Batalić, Queeranarchive, Dom Mladih, Split, Croatia
“Dream of a Turtle”, screening, Mess Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina
“Covideo 202021.1”, Curie City and Bauhaus Foundation, Warsaw, Poland
DOMIE timeline and Ruins Unite, “Something in Common” Festival, Museum of Morern Art in Warsaw, Poland

Guest speaker “Ruins Unite. Why do we need places”, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland
Performance Workshops, performance, Kunsthaus Graz, Graz
Memory Carp, video developed during TOKAS Tokyo Arts and Space Residency, displayed in form of installation, Tokyo
sexinsitu, film, HER Docs Festival, Warsaw

The Return of The Real Entertainment, video installation, as DOMIE, the Whole Poland Exhibition, cur. Anna Mituś , BWA Wrocław, Wrocław
sexinsitu, videoscreening and discussion in AMOQA, Athens Museum of Queer Arts, Athens
Transposition, performance & concert at Ciocia Basia Soli, ZORO, Leipzig
Dream of a turtle, audiovisual performance & film, European Solidarity Center, Gdańsk
Story of the eye, video, Festival Cinemas Sauvages, la Cheminee, Brussels
Reverse middle finger – workshops and social sculpture, TYNA for Tools for Peace, Malta Festival, Poznań
Just to love, performance, Great Union by Oramics, Paloma nad Wisłą, MoMA Warsaw & Radio Kapitał Live
sexinsitu, premiere of the film, Dream Adoption Society, Teatr Powszechny, Warsaw
Let’s go, performance, Performance Not War, Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, Warsaw

Cowing, installation and video, ex. Świat poszedł do przodu…, cur. Teraz Poliż, galeria 18A, Warszawa
The story of the middle finger, performance, wystawa Niepodległe, cur. Magda Lipska, MSN (MoMA), Warszawa
sexinsitu, performance, Sleep over, Dziewczyństwo & Coven Berlin, Galeria Miejska Arsenał, Poznań,
Intimacy of the footage – waters, performance, Welcome Center, Endegelande, Kuhlhausen
Renovation comforter, performance, W krainie wizualizacji, Malta Festiwal, Poznań
Ushirika we are together, performance, Malta Festiwal, Poznań
Sex in situ (theatre performance), Copenhagen Stage Festival, Sort/Hvid, Copenhagen
Pasło Dziewczę Pawia, video, photography, object, group exhibition Izotop, Galeria 9/10, Poznań
Nieloty, peformance Pasło Dziewczę Pawia, ROD Mazurek, Poznań
Soft Kiss Club (cur. KEM & Natalia Sielewicz), video screening, Departament Obecności, MoMA in Warsaw
Sex space, solo exhibition and workshop space at USE Academy, Aarhus

Perfect Humans, performance/choreography/installation, KULTURGENERATOREN, Copenhagen
Stepwise, performance, Queer Etheral, cur. Berglind Þrastardóttir, Spektrum, Berlin
Sex in situ, premiere of theatre performance and exhibition, Nordkraft Theatre, Aalborg
Classes for foreigners, performative concert (by Polanki), Querfeldein Festival, Kuhlhausen
Prc Gesture Indication, OFF MUSEUM (cur. Sebastian Cichocki), Muzeum Śląskie, Katowice
Prc gesture Revival, lecture performance (by TYNA), Krass Festival, Kampnagel, Hamburg
Rozbiór, audiovisual performance (by Polanki), Performance Rum, rum46, Aarhus
Sad, audiovisual performance, W Y Gallery, Łódź
Perec. Things. Machine, video, Life The Manual (cur. Jadwiga Sawicka) Zachęta. National Gallery of Art., Warsaw