いくら まりえ

Marie Ikura
いくら まりえ
出身地 : 神奈川
活動地 : 東京、神奈川、他



I usually do live painting performances and hold exhibitions that paint the whole space.
I am making works that I can experience and share with people who are there at that time through the time when the painting grows and changes.
When I was a kindergartener, (My family ran the kindergarten) I was obsessed with playing in the sandbox and wanted to enjoy it with my friends. But I was crazy about making sand heaps, so my friends got fed up and left.
I think, Maybe I’m still in that sandbox, now I’m painting and waiting for someone to come visit me.


2010年 多摩美術大学絵画学科油画専攻卒


2023 「YAMANOTE LINE MUSEUM」JR上野駅へ壁画制作(2月~7月)
2022 TV朝日ドラマ「ジャパニーズスタイル」セット内壁画制作
2022 鉄道150年&日比谷OKUROJI2周年記念ライブペイント
2022 ニューマン横浜「ワンダーカナガワ」窓アート制作
2020&2022 成田空港クリスマス窓アート制作
2020 大阪高島屋夢袋(福袋) 壁画制作
2020 丹波篠山まちなみアートフェスティバル参加
2020~2023 毎月1月 個展「絵の湯」特別協賛:スペースゼロ
2019 NHKエデュケーショナル ラウンジ黒板アート
2019 第四北越証券 CMイラスト制作
2019 WOWOWドラマ「蝶の力学」放送記念ライブペイント
2018 東急百貨店・本店「双裳会」ライブペイント
2017 大丸・心斎橋店 300周年記念ライブペイント
2016 ユニクロ・ロシア新店舗オープン記念ライブペイント
2016 羽田空港フィリピン友好60周年ライブペイント
2015 ユニクロ・フィリピン新店舗オープン記念ライブペイント
2014 グループ展「Gen現:Ngayon」 NOVA Gallery フィリピン
2012 映画 「ガール」セット内壁画制作


2010 B.F.A., Tama art University, Department of oil painting

Selected Works

2023 Made a mural for “YAMANOTE LINE MUSEUM” in JR Ueno Station(Feb to July)
2022 Made a mural on the set of the tv asahi Drama “Japanese Style”
2022 Live Painting for Hibiya OKUROJI 2nd & Railway 150th Anniversary
2022 Window Art for NEWoMan Yokohama Spring Event “Wonder Kanagawa”
2020&2022 Window art for Narita Airport Christmas
2020 Made a mural for OSAKA Takashimaya Lucky bag event
2020 Historic street ART festival in Tamba Sasayama
2020-2023 Solo Exhibition “ENOYU” Special Sponsor: Space Zero, Tokyo
2019 Made a Chalkboard Art for the Lounge of NHK Educational
2019 Illustration for commercial of Daishi Hokuetsu Securities Co., Ltd.
2019 Live Painting at Promotion event of WOWOW Drama “Butterfly Dynamics”
2018 Live Painting at Tokyu Department Main Store event “Sousyoukai”
2017 Live Painting at Daimaru Shinsaibashi store 300th anniversary
2016 Live Painting at UNIQLO Russia new store opening
2016 Live Painting at Haneda Airport Philippine Friendship 60th Anniversary
2015 Live Painting at UNIQLO Philippine new store opening
2014 Group Exhibition “Gen現:Ngayon” NOVA Gallery, Makati City
2012 Made a mural on the set of the movie “GIRL”