伊勢町睦会 × 吾妻中央高校 × 西岳拡貴

Isemachi-Mutsumikai × Agatsuma Chuo High School × Hiroki Nishitake
伊勢町睦会 × 吾妻中央高校 × 西岳拡貴
出身地・活動地 : 群馬県


An art project by Isemachi-Mutsumikai, Agatsuma Chuo High School, and Hiroki Nishitake, which began in 2022 with the creation of a background for a shopping street. Students from the Environmental Engineering Research Department of Agatsuma Chuo High School combine “surveying” and “art” to design new shapes and possibilities for local shopping streets.


2022 「伊勢町睦会×吾妻中央高校 バックプロジェクト中間展覧会」旧もりやま(群馬)

2022 「Isemachi-Mutsumikai, Agatsuma Chuo High School bag project intermediate exhibition」 MORIYAMA(Gunma, Japan)