白矢 幸司

Koji Shiraya
白矢 幸司


To tackle his main theme of the harmony between nature’s beauty and man’s use of it, his work is experimental and practical based on the science and the chemical reaction. He also achieves site specific projects, like installation works in churches and gardens.


2010 ロイヤル・カレッジ・オブ・アート、陶磁・ガラス科卒業


2018 「the world」(COHJU contemporary art, 京都)
2017 「After the dream, 2017 in Maniwa」 (旧遷喬尋常小学校, 岡山)
2016 「the world」(COHJU contemporary art, 京都)
2015 「SiO2, Al2O3, CaO」(Gallery 360°, 東京)
2013 「Trinary」(Victor Felix Gallery, ロンドン)


2021 「中之条ビエンナーレ2021」(やませ, 中之条)
2021 「Hishio achieve exhibition」(ひしお, 岡山)
2020 「Adrian Sassoon at Sotheby’s」(Sotheby’s, ロンドン)
2019 「中之条ビエンナーレ2019」(赤岩公民館, 中之条)
2017 「Memories and records」(Galerie Ashiya Schule, 兵庫)
2016 「Surprising Japan」(Usagi Gallery, 香港)
2014 「Odyssey Ⅱ」(The Church of St Edmund The King, ロンドン)
2013 「Insight into Beauty: Chawan」(在英国日本国大使館, ロンドン)
2013 「Odyssey」(バース寺院, バース)
2013 「The Homecoming」(Victor Felix Gallery, ロンドン)
2012 「Award Winners’ Exhibition」(Gardens Gallery, チェルトナム)
2012 「The Open West」(グロスター大聖堂, グロスター)
2011 「Ku’Damm 101 Happening 2011」(Ku’Damm 101 Hotel, ベルリン)
2011 「Art in the Gardens 2011」(Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, ハンプシャー)
2010 「Making Sense」(Flow Gallery, ロンドン)
2009 「Einfall: Beyond Spontaneity」(フロイト美術館, ロンドン)


2017 日本・デンマーク外交樹立150周年記念奨学金
2012 The Open West キュレーター賞
2008 第8回国際陶磁器展美濃 デザイン部門 銅賞
2005 第7回国際陶磁器展美濃 陶芸部門 銀賞


2010 MA Royal College of Art, Ceramics and Glass

Solo Exhibitions

2018 ’the world’, COHJU contemporary art, Kyoto
2017 ’After the dream, 2017 in Maniwa’, old Senkyo elementary school, Okayama
2016 ’the world’, COHJU contemporary art, Kyoto
2015 ’SiO2, Al2O3, CaO’, Gallery 360°, Tokyo
2013 ’Trinary’, Victor Felix Gallery, London

Selected group exhibitions

2021 ’Nakanojo Biennale 2021′, Yamase, Nakanojo
2021 ’Hishio achieve exhibition’, Hishio, Okayama
2020 ’Adrian Sassoon at Sotheby’s’, Sotheby’s, London
2019 ’Nakanojo Biennale 2019′, Akaiwa Community Center, Nakanojo
2017 ’Memories and records’, Galerie Ashiya Schule, Hyogo
2016 ’Surprising Japan’, Usagi Gallery, Hong Kong
2014 ’Odyssey Ⅱ’, The Church of St Edmund The King, London
2013 ’Insight into Beauty: Chawan’, Embassy of Japan in the UK, London
2013 ’Odyssey’, Bath Abbey, Bath
2013 ’The Homecoming’, Victor Felix Gallery, London
2012 ’Award Winners’ Exhibition’, Gardens Gallery, Cheltenham
2012 ’The Open West’, Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester
2011 ’Ku’Damm 101 Happening 2011′, Ku’Damm 101 Hotel, Berlin
2011 ’Art in the Gardens 2011′, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Hampshire
2010 ’Making Sense’, Flow Gallery, London
2009 ’Einfall: Beyond Spontaneity’, Freud Museum, London


2017 Scholarship, the 150th Anniversary of Japan-Denmark diplomatic relations
2012 Curators Award, The Open West
2008 Bronze, Ceramic Design, The 8th International Ceramic Competition, MINO, Japan
2005 Silver, Ceramic Arts, The 7th International Ceramic Competition, MINO, Japan