中原 和樹

Kazuki Nakahara
中原 和樹





Director, playwrite, stagemanager, acting coach,
Who is creating the stages which would not be categorized in already-existing framework doing the collaboration between some kinds of arts, which are not only performing arts.

In the creation, he requires the actors to find the way to EXIST on the stage, not to think of HOW to act using the method of the realism and also the essence of the psychology, in other words, he needs actors to be TRUE to themselves.

His emphasis on the creation is how to represent the connection between the identity as Japanese, the memory of ours and the primary image or the scenery.
This is to be achieved by focusing on the sense, the sensitivity, and the environment, which have been placed importance on in Japan.



Waseda Uni. Literature


2018年8月 大地の芸術祭2018 莇平演劇祭 作品創作
2018年7月 山梨県甲府に伝わる古典芸能をモチーフにした作品創作
2018年3月 小オペラ 清経 演出
2018年1月 宮沢賢治 銀河鉄道の夜 オリジナル朗読劇 創作

2018.8 The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2018, Azamihira theater Festival
2018.7 Original play creation- insipired by the traditional art in Kohu, Yamanashi
2018.3 Opera Kiyotsune  direciting
2018.1 Original play creation – inspired by Milky way ( Miyazawa Kenji)


  • 中原 和樹 ARTWORKS
  • 中原 和樹 ARTWORKS
  • 中原 和樹 ARTWORKS
  • 中原 和樹 ARTWORKS
  • 中原 和樹 ARTWORKS
  • 中原 和樹 ARTWORKS