ヨナ・ハンセン + 横田裕子

Johna Hansen + Yuko Yokota
ヨナ・ハンセン + 横田裕子



Our collaboration is based on communal curiosity in material, traditional crafting techniques and architecture. When working together, we aim to speak in matter. In this way, we allow our hands to translate what our language skills fail to do. By using subtle methods, we examine our surroundings, hoping to enhance the poetics of the everyday.




彼らは、デンマーク芸術評議会、スカンジナビア-ニッポンササカワ財団、北欧文化基金、デンマーク芸術ワークショップからの支援を受け、デンマークのヴァルデにあるvARTe Art Hall(2017)と、デンマークのコペンハーゲンにあるA. Petersen(2018/2019)にて作品を展示。1冊のアートブックを自費出版。
2021年、中之条ビエンナーレへの参加、東京のDiginner Galleryでの展示会、アートブックを制作予定。


Johna Hansen (b.1982 in Sweden, based in Copenhagen, Denmark) has a MA in architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark. Further she is a laureate of Fine Arts from the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium.

Yuko Yokota (b.1983 in Japan, based in Tokyo, Japan), received the Junji Nishime Award upon graduating with a MA in weaving from Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, Faculty of Arts and Crafts in Shuri Naha-city, Japan and in fashion from Yamanashi Kyonan Technical College Fashion Department.

The duo’s collaboration began in 2017. They have received support from the Danish Arts Foundation, Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation, Nordic Culture Fund and the Danish Art Workshops. They have exhibited at vARTe Art Hall (2017) in Varde, Denmark and at A. Petersen (2018/2019) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together they have self-published one artist book. Upcoming in 2021 is participation at the Nakanojo Biennale, an exhibition at Diginner Gallery in Tokyo and an artist book.