今井 尋也

Jinya Imai






Musician (noh style kotsuzumi)/theatre director/Instructor in the Theatre and Japanese Music Departments of Kunitachi Music Institute, Tokyo.
Jinya Imai studied noh performance from his grandfather as a child and had his first stage performance in his early teens.
Later, he spent time as a student in the noh training program of the National Noh Theatre, in the Design Department of Tama Art University, and eventually in the Music Department of Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music from which he graduated.
Later, after privately studying contemporary theatre in France, he returned to Japan and began performing freelance as a solo kotsuzumi performer and a session performer in various theatre and music group performances.
In addition, he began work as a theatre director and later began his own theatre company, Megalo Theatre.
He has also worked with teaching theater to handicapped youth as well as theatre and traditional Japanese music to elementary, middle school and high school students.


1990 前橋高校美術部 デッサン作品展/群馬県前橋市
2011 「失われた民族Gの遺構群」展/中之条ビエンナーレ2011

1993 今井尋也写真展/東京藝術大学特別展示室
1999 「カクコト」/詩と映像によるインスタレーション/青山300日画廊
2002 「メガロポリストウキョウ」/詩と映像とパフォーマンスによるインスタレーション/青山 時限美術計画TLAP
2008 「ハストコエ」/詩と映像とパフォーマンスによるインスタレーション/茅場町Gallery≠Gallery
2009 「縄文ハニワパン」/縄文石釜と麦畑とハニワパンパフォーマンスによるインスタレーション/横浜
2010 「縄文ハニワパン」/縄文石釜と麦畑とハニワパンパフォーマンスによるインスタレーション/町田
2011 「鏡文字」/鏡文字によるインスタレーション/東京渋谷ギャラリールデコ

He is particularly interested in creating new works with a traditional basis and has done so by writing, producing and directing new noh works and new works based in noh including productions of Mishima Yukio’s Modern Noh Plays (Tokyo 2003), Akutagawa Ryunosuke’s Modern Noh (Tokyo 2004), Horikirisawa no ryu (Gumma Inaka Noh, 2005), and Kaguyahime (Kawaguchi Shimin Noh, 2006).


  • 今井 尋也 ARTWORKS
  • 今井 尋也 ARTWORKS
  • 今井 尋也 ARTWORKS
  • 今井 尋也 ARTWORKS
  • 今井 尋也 ARTWORKS
  • 今井 尋也 ARTWORKS