Hidemi Nishida


Hidemi Nishida’s architectural background brings together functional making with an interest in intimate transformations of our environment. Nishida questions our milieu, deconstructing and adapting existing structures or materials or even whole landscapes in order to refresh our view of the world. His structures create a presence but are also ephemeral, often using reclaimed or found materials to create a bricolage of references to place, time and memory.
His interests also include the archive of the memory of specific places, its past significance and the accumulation of personal memories of people. He has recently archived 50sqm of ground on the site of a decommissioned railway, which was used to transport coal, scanning the whole area with a simple A4 scanner. This creates archival material depending on each situation, with the use of different methods such as photography, video and sound.


2014 ノルウェー王国国立ベルゲン芸術デザイン大学芸術学部修士課程 修了
2011 札幌市立大学デザイン学部空間デザインコース 卒業
2007 釧路工業高等専門学校建築学科 卒業

2020 BENIZAKURA ART ANNUAL 2020(紅櫻公園、札幌市)
2020 Unmanned 無人駅の芸術祭 2020(大井川鉄道、島田市)
2019 中之条ビエンナーレ2019(山の上庭園、中之条町)
2018 Unmanned 無人駅の芸術祭 2018(大井川鉄道、島田市)
2017 飛生芸術祭2017(ポロト湖、 アイヌ民族博物館、白老町)
2017 What’s that thing?: British Public Art(王立芸術大学、英国ロンドン)
2015 By the mountain path(White Rainbow Gallery、英国ロンドン)
2014 Ung.Lovende(Galleri F15、ノルウェー王国モス)
2014 六甲ミーツアート2014(六甲山、神戸)
2014 光州ビエンナーレ2014(光州ビエンナーレホール、韓国光州)
2014 札幌国際芸術祭2014(500M美術館、札幌)
2013 六甲ミーツアート2013(六甲山、神戸)
2013 FYF Fest 2013(Mack Sennett Studios、米国ロサンゼルス)
2013 Born of the Emptiness(Tipographia、ロシアクラスノダール)
2013 LEXUS HYBRID ART 2013(Manage、ロシアモスクワ)
2013 Hardbakka Ruins Project 2013(ハルドバッカ貯水地区、ノルウェー王国ベルゲン)
2013 MIGRATION(Bee-live、イタリアレッジョエミリア)
2013 Future Ruins(ベルゲン港穀物サイロ跡、ノルウェー王国ベルゲン)
2013 Dismantlement and blue-sky daydreams(Galleri Fisk、ノルウェー王国ベルゲン)

2018 ポーラ美術振興財団在外研修員(ロシア)
2018 バンブーカーテンスタジオアーティストレンジでンス招聘作家(台湾)
2017 デルフィーナファンデーションレジデンスフェロー(英国)
2015 文化庁新進芸術家育成事業選出(東京)
2015 野村財団芸術文化助成金獲得(東京)
2014 ノルウェー王国大使館TYO助成金獲得(ノルウェー王国)
2013 六甲ミーツアート公募グランプリ(神戸)


2014 Master of Fine Art, Bergen Academy of Art and Design (Bergen Noway)
2011 Bachelor of Design, Sapporo City University (Sapporo Japan)
2007 Associate Bachelor of Engineering, Department of architecture, Kushiro National College of Technology (Kushiro japan)

2020 Benizakura Art Annual 2020 / Benizakura Park, Sapporo JAPAN
2020 Unmanned Station Art Festival 2020 / Oigawa Railway, Shimada City Shizuoka JAPAN
2019 Nakanojo Biennale 2019 / Nakanojo Hill Top Garden, Nakanojo Town JAPAN
2018 Unmanned Station Art Festival 2018 / Oigawa Railway, Shimada City Shizuoka JAPAN
2017 Tobiu Art Festival 2017 / Lake Poroto, The Ainu Museum, Shiraoi Hokkaido JAPAN
2017 What’s that thing?: British Public Art / Royal Collage of Art, London UK
2015 By the mountain path / White Rainbow Gallery, London UK
2014 Ung.Lovende /Galleri F15, Moss NORWAY
2014 Rokko Meets Art 2014 / Mt.Rokko, Kobe JAPAN
2014 Gwangju biennale 2014 / Gwangju Biennale Hall, Gwangju SOUTH KOREA
2013 Rokko Meets Art 2013 / Mt.Rokko, Kobe JAPAN
2013 FYF Fest 2013 / Mack Sennett Studios, Los Angels USA
2013 Born of the Emptiness / Tipographia, Krasnodar RUSSIA
2013 LEXUS HYBRID ART 2013 / Manage, Moscow RUSSIA
2013 Hardbakka Ruins Project 2013 / Hardbakka area, Bergen NORWAY
2013 MIGRATION / Bee-live, Reggio Emilia ITALY
2013 Future Ruins / Old silo, Bergen NORWAY
2013 Dismantlement and blue-sky daydreams / Galleri Fisk, Bergen NORWAY

2018 Pola Art Foundation Over Sea Researcher / Kaluga, RUSSIA
2018 Bamboo Curtain Studio Artist in Residency Program May-Jul 2018 / Taipei, TAIWAN
2017 Delfina Foundation Artist in Residence fellow Jan-Apr 2017 / London, UK
2015 Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan, Young Artists Cultivation Program fellow / Tokyo, JAPAN
2015 Nomura Foundation Arts and Culture Grants / Tokyo, JAPAN
2014 Royal Norwegian Embassy TYO Grants / Moss, NORWAY
2013 Rokko Meets Art 2013 Grand Prize / Kobe, JAPAN