Belle Shafir

In the early 2000s, I began dealing with issues that concern man’s interference with the natural order through genetic enhancement and cloning. The tiny pieces I created during that period address man’s inability to notice disruptions and deal with the harmful consequences of his actions. This artistic move has led me to examine my own identity, split in many ways and ridden with conflict, oscillating between cultures. Looming above it all, like a dark cloud, was the fact of my being the daughter of Polish holocaust survivors, who had immigrated to Germany at the end of World War II. Dealing with identity brought up some alarming memories which, previously silenced, were now piling one on top of the other. The essence and deceptive nature of memory became central motifs in my work. Knitted chains made from horse-hair taken from the family farm in Germany, reminiscent of damaged DNA sequences, were the first appearance of this theme in her art. I later used the same hair to knit tiny spiders that resonated with Louise Bourgeois’ “Maman”.

During the recent year, I began to process the family collection of photographs, which has since become a Pandora’s Box for me. I recover images from its depths and confronts them by placing them on sheets of parchment, hoping to retell the story of my own life, and try to come to terms with the interrupted story of my family.

As a multimedia artist, I translate all those issues through drawings, paper cuttings, video art, animation and performance.


Born in Germany.
1972    Emigrated to Israel.
1984-1988       Studied at the Avni Art College, Tel Aviv.

Solo exhibitions:
2018    -“Split Paths of Time”, Trumpeldor Gallery-Art Center, Beer Sheva, Israel.
2016    -“Ende.Neu”, Delikatessenhaus. Neu Deli Gallery, Leipzig, Germany.
-“Whisper of memory”, Nha San Art Space, Hanoi, Vietnam.
2015    -“SUBORTUS”, The Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2013    -” Nuchal Translucency” A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A..
-“Icastica”, Glocal Women, 1st. Internaltional Art Exhibition of Arezzo Italy.
-“Nuchal Translucency”, Artist house, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2011    -“Fertility and Vegetativeness”, Museum Ein-Harod, Israel.
2007    -“Eugenics”, Municipality Gallery, Ra’anana, Israel.
2006    -“Insitu”, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2005    -“Close-up”, Artist’s house, Herzlya, Israel.
2003    -“Venus verspinnt”, Gallery im b.i.b., Hannover, Germany.
2002    -“Portraitscriptum”, Sarah Erman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-“The Path between a Maze, Sexual lust and Altar”, Seamgallery, Megadim, Israel.
1998    -“Lapillus”, Many H. Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1997    -“Circle of consciousness”, The Constant Sculpture Gallery, Ramat-Gan, Israel.
1995    -“Naturalis”, Artists’ House, Jerusalem, Israel.
1994    -Stadtmuseum Amberg, Amberg, Germany.
-“For the tree of the Field is Man’s Life”, Contemporary Art Museum, Petach-Tikva, Israel.
-Galerie Maya Wildewuur, Hochhalen, Holland.
-Hatzerot Ha Ikarim Museum, Kfar Tabor, Israel.
1992    -Sarah Erman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-Arkaden Gallery, Regensburg, Germany.
-Museum Villa Stahmer, Georgsmarienhütte, Germany.

Group exhibitions:
2018    -“at-texo”, Place for Art, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-“SALON”,Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden, Germany.
-“Animal Affinity”, The Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-” Festival izraelského filmu”, Prague, Czechia.
-“Disconnecting”, Kibbutz Gallerie for israeli art, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-“R-E-VOLUTION”, Galerie Motorenhalle, Dresden, Germany.
-“Mighty Minis”, Melanie Carr Gallery, Essex, Connecticut, USA, (traveling exhibition).
-“Avatar”, Royal Beach Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2017    -“EigenART”, Gallery am Park, Vienna, Austria.
-“7 minutes of fame”, Art Space Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-“Manofim, Mixed Memories”, Contemporary Art Festival, Jerusalem, Israel.
-“at-texo”, Dom Museum, Hildesheim, Germany.
-“Notes on the Beginning of the Short 20th Century: Recent European Art on WWI”, Motorenhalle, contemporary art projects center, Dresden, Germany (traveling exhibition).
-“Notes on the Beginning of the Short 20th Century: Recent European Art on WWI”, National Center For contemporary Art (NCCA), Kaliningrad, Russia (traveling exhibition).
-“AnonimX”, Contemporary Art Museum, Haifa, Israel.
-“Knot Theory”, Beit Michal, Rehovot, Israel.
-“Mimosa Time”, Artist’s House, Modi’in, Israel.
-“Abject Art, Central Station Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2016    -“Ende.Neu”, Galerie Neu Deli, Leipzig, Germany.
-“at-texo, Galerie Ursula Walter, Dresden, Germany.
-“Video scenary”, Contemporary Art Museum, Petach Tikva, Israel.
-“AVI, festival art video international”, Jerusalem, Israel.
-“World Thread Festival 2016”, Ontario, Canada.
2015    -“Notes on the Beginning of the Short 20th Century: Recent European Art on WWI”, quartier21, Museum Quarter, Vienna, Austria (traveling exhibition)
-“I Live In The East But My Heart Is In The West: Israel in München”, Pasinger Fabrik, München, Germany
2014    -“Trapped?”, Art Festival, Kibbutz Galuyot 45, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-“Along the lines of imagination”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel.
-“Format”, Artspace TLV, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-“Psalm woman”, Office Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-“Pins and Needles”, Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport, CT, U.S.A.
-“Time Is Love 7”, International video art program, Torrance Art Museum, CA, USA.
-“Time Is Love 7”, International video art program, The Invisible Line Gallery, London, England, and touring around the world.
-“the 5th. Biennale for drawing in Israel”, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.
-“Visual scripts”, the Wilfrid Israel Museum, Kibbutz Hazorea, Israel.
2013    -“Sitespecific 3, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-“Knitted Registry” CSP Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2012    -“Celebrating Kindred Spirits and Strange Bed Fellows”, A.I.R.Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A.
-“Cabinets of Wonder in Contemporary Art “, Museum of Contemporary Art, Herzliya, Israel.
2011    -“A women’s work is never done” A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A..
-“Middle Yeast”,Palazzo Sant’ Elia, Palermo, Italy.
2009    -“Not Necessarely Feminine (?)”, Pyramida Gallery, Haifa, Israel.
2008    -“Memory of the Future”,Cite internationale des arts, Paris, France.
-“Second Croatian Biennale of Illustration”, Klovicevi dvori Gallery, Zagreb, Croatian.
2007    -“Simanashi”, Artist’s house, Herzlya, Israel.
2005    -“5th World Calligraphy Biennale of Jeollabuk-do”, Korea.
-“Volumi in equilibrio”, Centro Srotico di Teglio Omaggio a Pierre Restany, Italy.
-“Red”, Municipality Gallery, Kfar-Saba, Israel.
-“Hues of colors”,Gallery Kampus, Holon, Israel.
2004    -“Hues of colors”, Seamgallery, Megadim, Israel.
-“Moz – Muse II”, Gallery “526”, Lodz, Poland.
2003    -“Displaced Self”, Installations, Sakshi Gallery, Bombay, India.
-“Carrier Carrying Carriage”, Design Gallery, Henkin College, Holon, Israel.
2002    -“imaginaire féminin”, OPEN2002, Venice Lido, Italy.
-“Ambivalenzen”, Frauen Museum, Bonn, Germany.
-” 2002 Flag Art Festival”, Seoul, Korea.
2001    -“The Mudane Muse”, Janco Dada Museum, Ein-Hod, Israel.
-“The Mudane Muse”, Municipality Gallery, Rechovot, Israel.
-“Verfügungsgrün” Hochbunker, Köln, Germany.
2000    -“Storytime”, Artist’s House Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.
-“Storytime”, Center Gallery, Nazareth, Israel.
-“Zur Wand reden”, Jüdisches Kulturmuseum, Veitshoechheim, Germany.
-“When you enter the Land”, Shfela Museum, Kfar Menachem, Israel.
-“Weaving a Connection”, Tel Aviv University Gallery, Israel.
-“Wir borgen uns ein Museum”, Das verborgene Museum, Berlin, Germany.
-“The Mudane Muse”, Arad Museum, Arad, Israel.
1999    -“Earth”, Um el Fachem Gallery, Galilee, Israel.
-“Six Set Up a Table”, Musrara 10 Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.
-“Discourse”, Static Gallery, Liverpool, England.
-“Talking to a Wall”, Bad Kissingen, Germany.
-“A Harvest of Pomegranates”, The Corine Maman Ashdod Museum, Israel.
1998    -“The Israeli Woman Portrait 1948-1998”, Yad-Lebanim Museum, Ra’anana, Israel.
-“From Madona and Golda to Mother Theresa”, City Hall, Haifa, Israel.
-“Artists meeting” The Studio Gallery, Ra’anana, Israel.
-“KunstFormMensch”, Rathaus Gerlingen, Germany.
-“Save the peace”, Giv’ataym theatre, Israel.
-“The Garden-A Metaphor”, The University Botanical Gardens, Jerusalem, Israel.
-“50 Anos Israel”, Galeria d’Art Zero, Barcelona, Spain.
-“Storytime”, Candid Gallery, London, and Static Gallery, Liverpool, England.
1997    -“60 Years of the Blue Square”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-“Miniartura”, Centro Arti Visive, Perugia, Italia.
1996    -“Bitter, Sweet, Time, Putrifaction”, Lymbus Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-“Healing The Breach II”, Yadayim Artists’ Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-“Local code”, The Tower Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1995    -The Tower Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
1993    -“Sculpture in the Little Forest”, Ra’anana, Israel.
1992    -Yad-Lebanim Museum, Ra’anana, Israel.
-The Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
-“Tables”, Hakikar Gallery, Jaffa, Israel.

2014    -“Time is Love 7”, The invisible line Gallery, London, UK.
2009    -Installation “& Co”, Sculpture park, Cipressa, Italy.
2004    -Art Lectures and workshop, University of Wollongong, Australia.
2003    -“Bildhauer-Symposium”, Amberg, Germany.
2002    -“Temple del l’Amore”, Site Specific Sculpture, Arte Sella, Borgo Vasulgana, Italy.
2001    -“Cyfuniad 2001”, International Workshop with Residence, Liverpool and Plas Caerdeon, Wales, England.
1999    -“The place where Art and Ecology meet”, Britanni Forest, Jerusalem, Israel.
-“Kescher” International Artists Symposium, Kibbutz Lochamei Hagettaot, Israel.
-“Naked Venus”, Site Specific Sculpture: Akerby Skulpturpark, Sweden.
-International Artist Symposium, KHOJ, India.
1998    -“Altar”, Women Festival, Haifa, Israel.
1997    -“Zimun”, International Artists Symposium, Artist’s house, Herzlya, Israel.
-“Love Temple”,International Artists Symposium, Wiesbaden, Germany.
-“Spiegele” Book, Frauenmuseum Bonn, XII. Kunstmesse Bonn, Germany.
1996    -International Sculpture Project, Görlitz, Germany.
1994    -“The Seer’s Well”, Site Specific Sculpture: The Grizedale Forest, Lake District, England.
-Site Specific Sculpture: The Kfar Tavor Gardens, Israel.

2013    -Video documentation for “Nuchal Translucency ” exhibition (YouTube).
2011    -Video Documentation for “Fertility and Vegetativeness” exhibition (YouTube).
2006    -Video Documentation for “Insitu” exhibition (YouTube).
2005    -Video documentation from “PvR videostudios”, Kfar-Saba, Israel, film operator: Peretz (Frank) van Ralte, for the Gabriel Sherover Information Center for Israeli Art, video No. 446, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel.

2017    -Article in News paper: “Ilustrierte neue Welt 2017”, Kunst, Wiederbeliebte geschichte, von Petra M. Springer, Wien, Austria.
2014    -Book: “Les femmes folles”, women in art by Sally Brown Deskins.

Awards and Prizes:
2005    -Special price of the World Calligraphy Biennale of Jallabuk-do,5th., South Korea.

Visiting Artist:
2018    -Shiro Oni Studio, Gunma, Japan.
2017    -20th. Sommerakademie Risa Efau, Dresden, Germany.
2015    -quartier21, Museum Quarter, Vienna, Austria
2012    -15th. Sommerakademie Risa Efau, Dresden, Germany.
2010    – Fine Art Department, Guest James Monthford, Rhode Island College,Providence,USA.
2009    – Residence in the “Cite des Arts”, Paris, France.
2004    – Visiting Artist, University of Wollongong, Australia.
2001    -“Cyfuniad 2001”, international workshop with Residence, Plas Caerdeon, Wales, UK

Selected Collections and Commisions:
2010    – Davis Museum, Barcelona, Spain.
2004    – Modern Art Museum of Portofino, Italy.

Private Collections in Germany, Holland, India, Israel, Thailand, Korea, England, France etc.


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