嶋津 晴美

Harumi Shimazu 東京


Tokyo based Harumi Shimazu is a visual artist. In 2005 she graduated with an oil painting degree at Kyoto University of Art and Design. More recently she has been working on site–specific installations and encaustic paintings both domestically and internationally. She views nature as a vast living organism, and she tries to represent the energy of life or the ephemeral of beauty in nature. She says, we are in the course of living in a modern society, it is easy to forget some precious sensibility. Through the works, she attempts to evoke them or connect with the origin of life, primitive memories and the universe. She hopes that her art tries to open your mind and convey to you a wider world.


2010    「“7 ways” space inno /日韓交流展」ソウル
2011, 2013, 2015  「中之条ビエンナーレ」群馬
2011    個展「A part of the EARTH Vol.4」Gallery KINGYO,東京
2012    個展「ひかりは満ちている Vol.5」銀座Gallery 21,東京
2012    「第15回我孫子国際野外美術展」千葉
2013    「feel清里現代彫刻展」清里フォトミュージアム,山梨
2013    個展「つながりあう世界 Vol.3」Gallery at the HYATT,ハイアットリージェンシー大阪
2013    「NACHA ARTISTS’ RESIDENCE国際シンポジウム」チェンマイ,タイ
2014    「生野ルートダルジャン芸術祭2014」兵庫
2016    「Water Tower Art Fest 10th Anniversary」ソフィア,ブルガリア
2016    「Sharing the Futureチェンマイ×中之条交流プロジェクト」チェンマイ,タイ

2010    7 ways space inno, Exchange exhibition Japan and Korea, Seoul
2011, 2013, 2015     NAKANOJO BIENNALE, Gunma, Japan
2011    A part of the Earth Vol.4, Gallery KINGYO, Tokyo
2012    The shine has been filled Vol.5, Ginza Gallery 21 Tokyo
2012    The 15th Abiko International Open Air Art Exhibition, Chiba, Japan
2013    feel KIYOSATO Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, Kiyosato Museum photographic Arts, Yamanashi, Japan
2013    World mutually connected Vol.3, Gallery at the HYATT, Hyatt Regency Osaka, Japan
2013    NACHA Artists’ Residence international symposium, Chiang Mai
2016    Water Tower Art Fest 10th Anniversary, Sofia, Bulgaria
2016    Sharing the Future: Chiang Mai × Nakanojo Exchange Exhibition, Chiang Mai, Thailand


  • 嶋津 晴美 ARTWORKS
  • 嶋津 晴美 ARTWORKS
  • 嶋津 晴美 ARTWORKS
  • 嶋津 晴美 ARTWORKS
  • 嶋津 晴美 ARTWORKS
  • 嶋津 晴美 ARTWORKS