渡邊 智子

Tomoko Watanabe
渡邊 智子


My works show the positions of color. At the front we can see vivid colors. Firmly squint and you can observe the colors which are located far away in the background. It is similar to our everyday mental focus. For example, in spring the moment that vivid colors sprout and open from the leaves of large trees we have a feeling of surprise. Even though we might see green leaves, our hearts might feel a luscious pink color. Over time the color of the changing leaves can also change the focus of our minds. This change can lead us to ambiguity and it can constantly bring new feelings. The physical three dimensional space of this piece allows you to become part of the exhibit and to put yourself on to it’s surface, allowing you to move into and out of it’s landscape freely. By building this piece as an abstract exhibit the artist would like us think about the presence of ambiguity in the painting, and how the feelings affect us.


2008 沖縄県立芸術大学 美術工芸学部美術科絵画専攻 卒業

2008 Graguated from Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts


2018 対流風景 Convective Scenery (中国 広州)
2017 願成寺古墳群美術展 (岐阜)
2016 ART Circle アーティストインレジデンス(スロベニア)
2015 第9回なうふ坂アートフェア(岐阜)
2014 第8回なうふ坂アートフェア(岐阜)
2013 個展(極小美術館・岐阜)
2012 現代美術の新世代展2012(岐阜)
2011 池田山麓現代美術展2011「宇宙の連環として」(岐阜)新進作家賞受
2008 沖縄芸術大学第19回卒業作品展     買い上げ賞受賞
2007 個展(沖縄県立芸術大学付属図書館・芸術資料館)

2018 Convective Scenery 2018 (Guangzhou China)
2017 Ganse-ji Temple Mounds Art Exhibition (Gifu)
Nakanojo Biennale 2017 (Gunma)
2016 Slovenia Art Circle 2016 Artist in residence (Slovenia)
Contemporary Japanese Art (Slovenia)
2015 9th Naufu Hill Art Fair (Gifu)
Nakanojo Biennale 2015 (Gunma)
2014 8th Naufu Hill Art Fair (Gifu)
2013 Exhibition (Kyokusho museum)
Nakanojo Biennale 2013 (Gunma)
2012 New Generation Exhibition of Contemporary Art 2012 (Gifu)
2011 Ikeda Piedmont Contemporary Art Exhibition 2011 ‘As rotation of the universe’(Gifu )
Awarded Up-and coming Artist Prize
2008 Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts 19th Graduation Exhibition Awarded Purchasing
2007 Exhibition (Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts included library・Art museum)


  • 渡邊 智子 ARTWORKS
  • 渡邊 智子 ARTWORKS
  • 渡邊 智子 ARTWORKS
  • 渡邊 智子 ARTWORKS
  • 渡邊 智子 ARTWORKS
  • 渡邊 智子 ARTWORKS