野内 俊輔

Shunsuke Nouchi



The external appearance is like an empty shell.
Even if one gained new appearance by applying many treatments, empty shell is left there.

About the coating

To cover traces left to the materials (scrap wood, wreckage, old materials and Komin-gu) with paints, it makes harder to identify the essence of materials from the work appearances.
Simultaneously, the coating film has a role to function as the new appearance for the materials. It indicates possibilities to add new context to the existing values of scrap wood, wreckage, old materials and Komin-gu


2015「Raw Structurez」HARMAS GALLERY (東京)
「第一回 助手展」東京造形大学附属マンズー美術館 (東京)
2014「rgb+ exhibition vol.6」東京造形大学 ZOKEI-gallery (東京)
「Flourish switch」mime (東京)
「別名で保存する。」HIGURE 17-15 cas comtemporary art studio (東京)
2012「WALL FLOOR WINDOW」東京造形大学 CS-gallery (東京)
「福島現代美術ビエンナーレ 2012『SORA』」福島空港ビル (福島)
「アートプログラム青梅 2012 ‒地への一雫‒」青梅市内 (東京)
2011「union changing +」カヤバ珈琲 (東京)
「アイムアダイバー」KOSHIKI ART EXHIBITION 2011 (甑島/鹿児島)

2015 “Raw-Structurez” HARMAS GALLERY,Tokyo
2015 “The Research Associate Exhibition Vol.1” Yokoyama memory Manzù Museum attached to Tokyo Zokei University,Tokyo
2014 “rgb+ exhibition vol.6” ZOKEI-gallery ,Tokyo
2014 “Flourish switch” mime ,Tokyo
2014 “Save As” HIGURE 17-15 cas comtemporary art studio ,Tokyo
2012 “WALL FLOOR WINDOW” CS-gallery ,Tokyo
2012 FUKUSHIMA BIENNALE 2012“SORA” Fukushima Airport,Fukushima “Art Program Ome 2012” Ome City,Tokyo
2011 “union changing +” Kayaba Coffee,Tokyo
2011 KOSHIKI ART EXHIBITION 2011“I’m a Diver” Koshiki Island, Kagoshima


  • 野内 俊輔 ARTWORKS
  • 野内 俊輔 ARTWORKS
  • 野内 俊輔 ARTWORKS
  • 野内 俊輔 ARTWORKS
  • 野内 俊輔 ARTWORKS