Sharon Glazberg

Sharon Glazberg is a multi-disciplinary artist working in the media of photography, video, performance and installation.  Sharon was born in a Kibbutz, spending most of her childhood traveling. moving with her family to Iran at the age of two, then back to Israel changing city every couple of years. Traveling/wondering is a main key in Glazberg’s works. She uses photography and video to document interventions in her environment. She begins her process as an archeologist, trying to understand how natural and social tractions have formed contemporary environments over time. in a way, one can see Glazber’s works as souvenirs of her traveling. she is interested in the symbiotic relationships between the human body and its surroundings, be they human, agricultural, or of the animal world. Glazberg documents, exposes layers of time, and deconstructs the sites where she works, sometimes violently, to fill them with movement and novel meanings.
Her works have been shown in numerous group exhibitions in venues such as Bergen Kunsthall, The Jewish Museum in New York , The 2000 Cuban Biennial in Havana, The Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Ashdod Museum of Art, Galerie Rabouan Moussion in Paris, The Negev Museum of Art, Rockefeller Museum, Jerusalem, MoBY (Museums of Bat Yam), and CCA Tel Aviv.


1976 Born in Israel, lives and works in Israel

2005 Master of Fine Arts with honors, Haifa University, Israel
2000 Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors, San Francisco Art institute, San Francisco
1998 Hamidrasha, Bait Berl College of Arts, Israel


2018   Garden Keepers, Wilfrid Israel Museum, Hazorea, Israel
2018    Meridian, RawArt Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2017    Asiff, Zumo museum,Yerocham, Israel
2015    Mishkan, Mishkan Museum of Art at Ein Harod, Israel
2014    Silent protest, Kav16 Gallery, Israel
2011   Geography of Salon, ST-ART, Israel
2011   Works, Tmuna Theatre Gallery, Israel
2010   AVIVA-a way of an elephant, Infiniti Show Room 69 Rothschild, Israel
2007   AGAMIM, Tavi Dresdner gallery, Israel
2006   Sea level, Kav 16 gallery, Israel
2004   Slide up, The University gallery, Israel
2001   Projects 2001, Islip Museum, Central Islip, NY
2000   Short cuts, Luggage Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA


2018    The Map – Reading Between the Lines, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
2017    More Love Hours than Can Ever Be Repaid, Ra wart gallery, Israel
Above and Beyond, Mekudeshet Festival, Jerusalem
Agropolis, Bloomfield Museum, Israel
2016    The 2016 sovereign mena art prize exhibition, Dubai
The Recipients: Ministry of Culture Awards in Art, Herzliya Museum, Israel
The allegory of the present, the artist house, Israel
2015   Agro-Art, Petach Tikva museum of Art, Israel
The last sea-Israeli art and the sea, Ashdod museum of art, Israel
Bones Brigade, ST-art Gallery, Israel
Beuys,Beuys,Beuys, Kav16 Gallery, Israel
2014   Concrete, Bulimia, Benyamini Contemporary, Israel
Disturbed landscape, Binyamin Gallery, Israel
On Dry Land, The Negev Museum of Art, Be’er Sheva, Israel
2013  Can Never Go Back, Sound Sculpture, Heichal Hatarbut, Tel Aviv, Israel
Not Book, Beit Hai’r, Tel Aviv, Israel
Re: Visiting Rockefeller, Rockefeller Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Local Pulse, Artist House, Tel Aviv, Israel
2012   Cabinets of Wonder, Herzliya Museum, Israel
Re: Visiting Rockefeller, Rockefeller Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
Mother, Ravens!, Israeli Digital Art Center, Holon, Israel
Home/Place, Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery, Umm el-Fahem, Israel
Musrara Mix, Jerusalem, Israel
2011   Mapable, SpaceCamp MicroGallery, Indianapolis, USA
Culture. Climate, Bezalel, Yaffo 23, Jerusalem, Israel
The ghosts of the proletariat, Halalit gallery, Israel
Sugar fields, Nechushtan House, Israel
2010   Island, Bat Yam Museum, Israel
Dreaming, S2 project Room, Sommer gallery, Israel
Natural Conflict: Video and Photography from Israel, Nevada museum of Art, USA


  • シャロン・グラツバーグ ARTWORKS
  • シャロン・グラツバーグ ARTWORKS
  • シャロン・グラツバーグ ARTWORKS
  • シャロン・グラツバーグ ARTWORKS