富樫 智子

Satoko Togashi

東京都出身 女子美術大学芸術学部デザイン科卒業。

Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design,B.A.,Department of Design.
Most of my work style is monochrome film photography. Monochrome which means that is “a single color”. When I think of it as photograph,there aren’t only black and white but also there are so many grays between the opposite colors for connecting.  The light grey would be remarkable with the dark grey as if those colors help each other to show their beautiful tone. When I work at the darkroom where is turned on the dark red light, I could see the still picture which starts waving. And I feel as if I would be lost in meditation there.


2014 写真展 Atelier Mado (埼玉県)
2013 写真展 Galerie Doma (チェコ共和国、南モラヴィア州キヨフ)
2010 写真展 ゆるやかに浸蝕する 森岡書店(東京)

2011 中之条ビエンナーレ2011(群馬県)
2009 写真工房展 Vision’s (東京)
2007 交流展 ノーリッチ美術大学(英国、ノーフォーク州ノーリッチ)

Solo Exhibition
2014  Photo Exhibition Atelier Mado (Saitama)
2013  Photo Exhibition Galerie Doma(Czech Republic,South Moravian Region,Kyjov)
2010  Photo Exhibition “Eroding Gently” Morioka Shoten (Tokyo)

Group Exhibition
2011  Nakanojo Biennale 2011(Gunma)
2009  Photo Labo Exhibition Vision’s(Tokyo)
2007  LOCUS 2007 Exchange Programme Exhibition (Norwich University of the Arts)


阿佐ヶ谷美術専門学校 写真工房


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  • 富樫 智子 ARTWORKS
  • 富樫 智子 ARTWORKS
  • 富樫 智子 ARTWORKS
  • 富樫 智子 ARTWORKS
  • 富樫 智子 ARTWORKS