Ruengwit Srisoi
出身地・活動地 : タイ

この彫刻の見方は、過去のものとは異なります。 自然の造形は、心の中に咲くものや、命の生命力、自然の動きに対する気持ちを伝えます。それは形、線、陰影へと組み込まれます。自然の造形と想像力が融合し、鑑賞する価値のある作品となります。

The Concept of Creativity
I would like to present my impression of natural shapes through this sculpture. Some part of it was created, attenuated and expanded by my liberal imagination. I always enjoy engaging myself with surrounding environments and also compare with both stationary and moving objects nearby.
The sculpture in perspective is different from how you saw those in the old time. The natural shapes covey the feelings of blooming in your heart, vitality of life, and movement of nature which were combined and arranged into shapes, lines, and shade to create and intergrade with the power of countless imagination that is worth appreciating the work …..


Education: Faculty of Fine Art and Applied Art Mahasarakham University

2022 Heart​ is​ expensive Exhibition​ at​ Chiang Mai ​art​ museum​
2022 Space​ of​ imagination​ Solo​ Art​ Exhibition​ at​ Chiang Mai​ art​ museum
2022 Greets Exhibition​ at​ Baramee​ of​ Art​ Gallery
2021 Young​ raise​ guys​g Exhibition​ at​ Chiang Mai​ Art​ Museum
2021 New​ Gen connected Art​ Fest Exhibition​ at​ Songkhla Art​ center
2021 Thailand​ Biennale Korat 2021​ at​ Korat​ Thailand
2019 SHUT Exhibition​ at​ Baramee of​ Art​ Gallery
2016 Yongthai Artist​ Award 2016​ Exhibition​ at​ The​ National Gallery of​ Thailand
2016 Th​e 33th Exhibition​ of​ contemporary Art by​ Young​ Artists​ at​ Sanamchandra Art​ Gallery Silpakorn University