Roger Williams University + Lebanese American University
出身地・活動地 : アメリカ



ムスタファ・サレ (レバノン・アメリカン大学非常勤講師)


The Advanced Architectural Design Studio at the Roger Williams University, Cummings School of Architecture addresses various social issues and considers future architecture. For the 2022 Spring semester, students were assigned the task of designing a new program for closed school buildings in Nakanojo, Gunma Prefecture, and proposing adaptive reuse. Students began by researching regional issues such as depopulation decrease, declining birth rates, and aging populations in Japan. They were also introduced to the concepts of primary, secondary, tertiary, and sixth industries, and deepened their understanding of the local economy through group presentations and class-wide discussions. As the final project, the students proposed and presented their ideas for utilizing closed schools in Nakanojo, including the former Daisan Elementary School, the former Sawada Elementary School, Isama Studio, and the former Gotanda School.

Studio Program created by:
Junko Yamamoto, Adjunct Professor, Roger Williams University Cummings
School of Architecture / Founding Principal, iVY Design Associates

Moustafa Saleh, Adjunct Professor, Lebanese American University
Mayuko Okunishi, Associate Professor, Gunma Prefectural Women’s University, Art Management Seminar