吉田 理沙

Risa Yoshida





What are we“looking”at?

I use video as a medium of my art works. I record objects which usually do not come into to our view, cut them out and frame them in various textures onto a screen. Looking at the projected objects we can recall a certain sense of existence which comes from our personal memories, much stronger than what we can ascertain by just touching things directly with our hands.

“Looking”is a way of“touching” things by our eyes.I want to create opportunities to recall potential memories beyond the substances.


2015 群馬青年ビエンナーレ2015(群馬県立近代美術館)群馬
2014 ゲンビどこでも企画公募2014 オリエンタルホテル広島賞(広島市現代美術館)広島
2013 そこまでは おぼえている(3331 Arts Chiyoda アキバタマビ21)東京
2013 金谷アートクロッシング(金谷美術館)千葉
2013 Monster Exhibition 2013(渋谷ヒカリエ8/)東京
2012 群馬青年ビエンナーレ2012 奨励賞(群馬県立近代美術館)群馬


2012 Gunma Youth Biennale 2012 encouragement award(The Museum of Modern Art Gunma)Gumna

2012 EXHIBITION C-DEPOT TOKYO-YOKOHAMA(Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse)Kanagawa

2013 Monster Exhibition 2013(Shibuya Hikarie 8/)Tokyo

2013 Kanaya Art Crossing(Kanaya Art Museum)Chiba

2013 Missing a part of the moment(3331 Arts Chiyoda akibatamabi21)Tokyo

2014 Genbi Dokodemo Kikaku Koubo Oriental Hotel Hiroshima award(Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art)Hiroshima

2015 Gunma Youth Biennale 2015(The Museum of Modern Art Gunma)Gunma


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  • 吉田 理沙 ARTWORKS
  • 吉田 理沙 ARTWORKS
  • 吉田 理沙 ARTWORKS