鈴木 のぞみ

Nozomi Suzuki

1983年埼玉県生まれ。埼玉県在住。東京造形大学で絵画を学んだ後独学で写真表現を学び、2015年東京藝術大学大学院美術研究科先端芸術表現専攻を修了。現在同大学院博士後期課程に在籍中。何気ない日常に潜む光の痕跡や事物の記憶を写真を用いて可視化する作品を制作する。近年は国内外のレジデンスプログラムなどに参加し活動の幅を広げている。主な受賞に、現代美術の展望 VOCA展2016 VOCA奨励賞、アートアワードトーキョー丸の内2015 フランス大使館賞、TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD2015#5 後藤繁雄賞、群馬青年ビエンナーレ2015 ガトーフェスタ ハラダ賞などがある。


Born in 1983, Saitama, Japan. Lives in Saitama. After studying painting at Tokyo Zokei University, she started studying photography independently. Suzuki has completed MFA Inter-Media Art Course at Tokyo University of the Arts, and is currently enrolled in the doctor’s program in the same department. Her artworks use photography to visualise the memory of traces of concealed light in daily life. Recently she participated in domestic and foreign artist in residence programs and is expanding her activity. Selected awards: The Vision of Contemporary Art 2016, VOCA Encouragement Prize; Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2015, The Embassy of France Prize; TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD 2015, Shigeo Goto Prize; Gunma Biennale For Young Artists 2015, Gateau Festa Harada Prize.


2017 “Monologue of the Light”/rin art association (群馬)
2016 “NEW VISION SAITAMA 5-迫り出す身体“/埼玉県立近代美術館(埼玉)
“UNSEEN PHOTO FAIR 2016”/Wester gasfabriek(アムステルダム)
“WALK ON THE SEA”/53美術館(広州)
“現代美術の展望 VOCA展2016”/上野の森美術館(東京)
“去りにし日々の光”/アンスティチュ・フランセ東京 ギャラリー(東京)
2015 “Sight-Seeing”/Combaz7 Artist in Residence(クラン・モンタナ)
2014 “銀座COLLAGE! Artist in residence”/中銀カプセルタワービル(東京)
“C.A.J. Artist in residence 若手育成プログラム”/Plaza North Gallery(埼玉)
2013  “郵便プロジェクト”/Gallery Uroboros(Belgrade)
2012  “透きとおる光、束ねられた光”/関井記念館(埼玉)


2017  “Monologue of the Light”, rin art association, Gunma
2016 “NEW VISION SAITAMA 5 – The Emerging Body”, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama
“UNSEEN PHOTO FAIR 2016”, Wester gasfabriek, Amsterdam, Netherlands
“WALK ON THE SEA – Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition”, 53 Art Museum, GuangZhou, China
“Daialog With Now – Kagawa Yamanami Art Festival 2016”, Kagawa
“THE VISION OF CONTEMPORARY ART 2016”, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2015 “Complex Topography: the Garden”, Ritsurin garden, Kagawa
“Nakanojo Art Biennale 2015”, Gunma
“Sight-Seeing, Combaz7 Gallery”, Cran-Montana, Switzerland
“The 12th Gunma Biennale For Young Artists”, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma
2014 “Ginza Collage! Artist in residence”, Nakagin capsule tower Building, Tokyo
“C.A.J. Artist in Residence”, Plaza North Gallery, Saitama
2013 “Post Projec”t, Gallery Uroboros, Belgrade, Serbia
“Nakanojo Art Biennale 2013”, Gunma
2012 “Transparent Light, Bundled Light”, Sekii Memorial House, Saitama


  • 鈴木 のぞみ ARTWORKS
  • 鈴木 のぞみ ARTWORKS
  • 鈴木 のぞみ ARTWORKS
  • 鈴木 のぞみ ARTWORKS
  • 鈴木 のぞみ ARTWORKS
  • 鈴木 のぞみ ARTWORKS