山口 信哉

yamaguchi nobuya



Sound waves are made by various shapes and materials, we constantly listen to them and feel it with the body. The wave is deeply memorized in the body, accumulated, and has         a great influence on our consciousness and body. The beautifully harmonious wave surely synchronizes with the memory of an infinite universe. I want to express such a world.


2015 nakanojo biennale Japan 2011 ” inner Fire” solo exhibition Museum of far Eastern art Ramat-Gan israel
2007 Credart international Sculpture Metz France
2006 “soundscape” David tower museum Jerusalem israel
2000 international metal forge exhibition in Arizona U.S.A
1997 Baltic Sea international forging exhibition Turku, Finland
1997 “humanism 2000” forth biennale Ein-hod Israel.
1995 “art and sea” Haifa museum israel
1994 “Fe iron through the senesces” England And Scotland
1992 second sculpture Biennale in ein-hod Israel
1991 “object object” hertzeliya museum Israe l


  • 山口 信哉 ARTWORKS
  • 山口 信哉 ARTWORKS
  • 山口 信哉 ARTWORKS
  • 山口 信哉 ARTWORKS
  • 山口 信哉 ARTWORKS
  • 山口 信哉 ARTWORKS