Nia Pushkarova

<ブリガリア 国際交流企画展>に参加。


I am an artist from Bulgaria, have graduated Fine arts in Reading University, UK in 1995. During the years I have got to the point of extending my practice as an artist into making artist run initiative for making a platform for communication through the arts. The festival I have made is called Water tower art fest. I see myself as a mediator of the western culture and eastern in a way, dealing with art helps me situate myself better in the everyday life being in Bulgaria or elsewhere. The questions of feminine expression are an important one for me and I do explore it in my paintings and videos. Another topic of mine is the sharing – experience, ideas and memories.

So in the recent years in my art I incorporated performance and life situation as a main inspiration to the work I am doing with different mediums- painting , photography and video.
In my recent art practice, I have overextended myself into making an overall event structure integrating creation as part of living in urban areas. Throughout the years, different places are in the focus of my attention where art deals with different aesthetic functions, not necessarily connected with the common term of beauty. To deal with artistic interventions nowadays, you have to offer constructive change, with more than just a day resolutions via commercially engaged activities. My main objective into making these events has always been that art has a function in the society and we delegate it back wherever it has been misplaced.


1991-1995 BA in Fine arts, Reading University, UK,
1985-1989 Trojan Collage of Arts, specialising ceramics

2016 –Participation at PARABIOSIS 3,”Communication and co-existence” , Chongqing, China
2016 – Participation at Mexico, Coahuila “RAYA EN EL AGUA”
2016 – Participating at Art Walk Kimolos, Greece
2016 – Water tower art fest – organizer and curator
2016 – Wroclaw – Aim meeting participation exhibition
2016 – “Cool is the rule- reinvent oneself” – Schillerpalais, Berlin, Germany, collaborative project with Cathrine Constanse Gjelsnes/Norway
2015 – Solo exhibition at Gallery Arosita, Sofia
2015 – Participation at Nakanojo Biennale, Japan
2015 – Water tower art fest – curator and participation with photo installation “Epilogue”
2015 – Mallorca, Spain exhibition at Benissalem photo and paintings “13:15 Laxenberg”
2015 – Participation at Setup Art Fair, Bologna – Arte contemporanea gallery Rieti
2014 – Curator and organizer of Water tower art fest, participating as artist with glass mural and video installation
2013 – October – organizer and artist participant at show in London UK, Bulgarian cultural center and Standpoint gallery – The Bulgarians are coming WTAF in UK
2013 – Participation at Façade fest Plovdiv
2013 – Participation at Larroque art fest,
France – video installation: “The expulsion of Adam and Eve”
2013 – June “Water tower art fest” – Temporary protected spaces – organizer and curator, participating with video installation “Expulsion of Eden”
2013 – April “Trans local meeting” Palma de Mallorca, Spain – presentation of activities at Miro Foundation and exhibition at Binissalem exhibition hall
2013 – March – “Hospital for lovers” – installation – participation at Gallery Raiko Alexiev
2013 – Participation at Haifa event, Israel – “Lower Haifa, Upper Haifa” with video installation
2012 – August – September “Feminine expression” – exhibition at SAMCA Museum of Contemporary art Sofia – oil paintings and video installation


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  • ニア・プシュカロヴァ ARTWORKS