人見 将

Masaru Hitomi
人見 将






You can’t take a picture without being there. Very simple, but very difficult.

I learned from my past mistakes and followed my own rules of what not to do. For example, “Don’t scale things,” “Don’t exaggerate,” and “Be responsible for your subject.” As a result, I began to search for “life-size”, and created photograms and rubbings.

My work is a mass of “don’ts”. This closed-minded self is in the creative world of contemporary art. It looks like a gap, but I think it’s very natural. I mean, I want to destroy myself.

It’s a simple story. My photos are born because I am here. It is the story of me and the characters around me.


東京工業専門学校 電気工学科

中之条ビエンナーレ実行委員長 (2023, 2019)
拝啓、移り住みまして展実行委員長 (2022)
中之条町ふるさと交流センターつむじ10周年ブラッシュアッププロジェクト (ぽろとこたん, 2020)
中之条ビエンナーレ (2023, 2021, 2019, 2017, 2015)
中之条町へ移住 (2017)


2023 「アーティストたちの記録2022」Gallery Café 3・高円寺
2022 「拝啓、うつり住みまして 変化するアーティストの立ち位置/視線、その風景」中之条町・群馬県
2022 「レコード イン チェンマイ」中和ギャラリー・日本橋
2022 「祖父の手紙・霧の中で」Gallery Café 3・高円寺
2021 「祖父の手紙」Gallery Café 3・高円寺
2020 「今、私を肯定するために」Gallery Café 3・高円寺
2019 「レコード イン チェンマイ」Gallery Café 3・高円寺
2018 「拝啓、うつり住みまして」中之条町・群馬県
2018 「シンクロニシティ 中之条ビエンナーレ海外交流プロジェクト」CMU Art Center・チェンマイ※
2018 「Tracing of Strangers」VIENT ARTS GALLERY・高崎
2018 「まるで木石」Gallery Café 3・高円寺
2018 「拝啓、勇み足まして」Gallery Café 3・高円寺


2011 RICOHポートフォリオオーディション優秀賞受賞
2006 東川町フォトフェスタ・ストリート部門グランプリ受賞


Tokyo Industrial technical college, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Nakanojo Biennale Executive Committee Chair (2023, 2019)
Dear Sir, Moved Executive Committee Chair (2022)
Nakanojo Furusato Exchange Center Tsumuji 10th Anniversary Brush-up Project (Porotokotan, 2020)
Nakanojo Biennale (2023, 2021, 2019, 2017, 2015)
Moved to Nakanojo (2017)

Recent solo and group exhibitions

2023 “Records of Artists 2022” Gallery Café 3・Koenji
2022 “Dear Sir, Moved, Artist’s Changing Position/Gaze, and Scenery” Nakanojo, Gunma
2022 “Record in Chiang Mai” Chuwa gallery, Nihonbashi
2022 “Letter from grandfather, in the mist” Gallery Café 3・Koenji
2021 “Letter from grandfather” Gallery Café 3, Koenji
2020 “PHOTO MALL” ART MALL, Nihonbashi
2020 “Ima, Watashi o Kotei Suru Tameni” Gallery Café 3, Koenji
2019 “Nakanojo Biennale 2019″ Nakanojo, Gunma
2019 “Record in Chiang Mai” Gallery Café 3, Koenji
2018 “Dear Sir, Moved” Nakanojo, Gunma
2018 “Synchronicity, Chiangmai × Nakanojo Exchange Exhibition” CMU Art Center, Chiang Mai
2018 “Tracing of Strangers” VIENT ARTS GALLERY, Takasaki
2018 “Marude Bokuseki” Gallery Café 3, Koenji
2018 “Haikei, Isamiashimasite” Gallery Café 3, Koenji


2011 RICOH Portfolio audition, outstanding performance award
2006 Higashikawa Photo Festa, Street division, Grand Prix