小林 正樹

Masaki Kobayashi
小林 正樹




Let me explain how I feel whenever I create my work at the location where an exhibition is to take place.
I breathe the scenery and feel the life of people on site.
The next phase is that of looking for clues such as remains of entities, different types of tools, a whole range of folk tales and myths. Through these aspects I am able to trace back the history and culture of people, thus expressing the present and the past, giving more than just a passing thought to the livelihood of days gone by.
No matter how much harsh time and hardship people might have encountered, a sign and trace of their daily activities and their love for family would somehow manifest themselves. This is common throughout all ages.
The present and the past, this side and that side, whereby this world “Shigan” and the other world “Higan” (i.e. where there are the spirits of dead people), speak volumes about their own existence.
Whether one talks about the passing of time, the traversing of borders or race, let us cross them over in the spirit of linking them together. Once that is done, then we may hold on to this moment, and in solidarity, ponder upon the meaning of life and daily activities.
Otherwise we do not realise that the powerful stream of time carries us away from this moment.


1997 東京芸術大学大学院美術研究科修士課程修了
1995 東京芸術大学 卒業

2011 -Brass Pagoda- (ギャラリーなつか/東京)
2010 -Brass Garden- (ギャラリーなつか/東京)
2005 -Water-(Gallery Kobo CHIKA/東京)
2000 -過去の加算-(Gallery Kobo CHIKA/東京)
2000 -art works-(東京芸術大学陳列館/東京)
1999 -Matal works- (ギャラリー山口/東京)
1998 -Solo Exhibition- (フタバ画廊/東京)

2018 三浦まちARTプロジェクト「下町ワンダートリップ」(神奈川県三浦市三崎)
2017 “Two Places, A Landscape” China – Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition ( 53 Art Museum / 広州 中国 )
2017 中之条ビエンナーレ2017(群馬)
2016 するがの国の芸術祭 富士の山ビエンナーレ2016 フジヤマ・タイムマシン(静岡)
2015 中之条ビエンナーレ2015(群馬)
2015 Curious City 小林正樹・高石優真/AD永山祐子(西武渋谷)
2014 すがるのくにの芸術祭 富士の山ビエンナーレ2014(静岡)
2014 木津川アート2014(京都)
2013 中之条ビエンナーレ2013(群馬)
2012 「Extending Media -削る・縫う・掻く-」小林正樹・長谷川誠・Yu Sora (Gallery Kobo CHIKA/東京)
2012 「とある雑食美術愛好家T氏邸より」展 (トビセレクト/東京都美術館)
2012 View’s view 小品展 (C-View・ギャラリーなつか/東京)


1997 M.A. Graduate school of fine arts, Tokyo University of the Art.
1995 B.A of Faculty of fine arts, Tokyo University of the Art.

Solo exhibitions
2011 “Brass Pagoda” GALLERY NATSUKA, Tokyo
2010 “Brass Garden” GALLERY NATSUKA, Tokyo
2005 “Water” Gallery Kobo CHIKA, Tokyo
2000 “Addition of Pasts” Gallery Kobo CHIKA, Tokyo
2000 “Solo Exhibition” Chinretsukan Gallery, University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts in Tokyo, Japan
1999 “Matal works” Gallery Yamaguchi in Tokyo, Japan
1998 “Solo Exhibition” Futaba Gallery in Tokyo, Japan

Group exhibitions
2018 “Wonder trip to downtown” Miura Town ART Project in Kanagawa, Japan
2017 “Two Places, A Landscape” China – Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition 53 Art Museum in Guangzhou, China
2016 “Fujiyama TimeMachine” SURUGANOKUNI ART FESTIVAL FUJINOYAMA BIENNALE 2016 in Shizuoka, Japan
2015 NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2015,Gunma, Japan
2015 “Curious City” SEIBU SHIBUYA in Tokyo, Japan
2014 KIZUGAWA ART 2014 in Kyoto, Japan
2013 NAKANOJO BIENNALE 2013 in Gunma, Japan
2012 “Extending Media –Carve, sew, and Scratch-” Gallery Kobo CHIKA in Tokyo, Japan
2012 “Residence of a certain Mr. T, an all-genre art collector” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan