The theme for the Nakanojo Biennale is ‘House’, which we have chosen to interpret through the term ‘Marebito’, which is the title of both our exhibition and group.

‘Marebito’ was created by one of the greatest Japanese folklorists ‘Shinobou Orikuchi’ and found its shape in his piece ‘Kokubungaku no Hassei, Dai Sanko’ (The Origin of Japanese Literature, the Third Manuscript).

It refers to a spiritual or deity-like being who visits from the afterworld at a specified time bringing spiritual gifts and wisdom. (wikipedia) A similar way as to which our art temporary is brought and inhabit Nakanojo for the event of the biennale.

‘Marebito’ consists of the artist: Hiromichi Ichikawa(JP), Keiko Kubuki (JP), Kohji Matsuzawa(JP),
Masaki Nose(JP), Takashi Suzuki(JP).

All represented in the exhibition by individual pieces.


久保木 桂子 Keiko Kuboki
2014 墨のいろ / 豊橋市美術博物館 企画展
2014 美術新人賞デビュー2014 奨励賞 / 月刊美術主催
2013 ビエンナーレOME 2013 佳作入賞 / 青梅市立小島善太郎美術館
2012 東北芸術工科大学 大学院 修士課程 芸術文化専攻 日本画研究領域 修了
2012 「久保木 桂子」展 / 印象社ギャラリー
2011 豊橋トリエンナーレ 第5回 星野眞吾賞 優秀賞 / 豊橋市美術博物館
2011  第6回 西会津国際芸術村公募展 2011 学生の部 大賞
2010 第2回 いわきアートトリエンナーレ /ギャラリー I

2010 The 2nd Iwaki Art Triennial at Gallery ” I “ (Fukushima, Japan)
2011 Awarded for The Grand prix at Student’s Part of The 6Th Competition Of Nishiaizu National Art Village 2011(Fukushima, Japn)

Awarded for The 2nd Prize at The 5Th Triennial Competition In Toyohashi-Hoshino Shingo Prize / Toyohashi City Museum Art And History (Aichi, Japan)
2012 Graduated at Master Course in Graduate School in Touhoku University Of Art And Design the Department of Art and Technology Specializing Art and Culture, the Field of Japanese Painting
Solo exhibition ‘ KUBOKI Keiko ’/ Inshou-Sha Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2013 Awarded for the second prize at ‘ Biennale OME 2013 ’/ Ome Municipal Museum Of Art (Tokyo, Japan)

市川 弘充 Hiromichi ichikawa
2013 15 人の表現者たち展 K’S Gallery(東京都)
2013 福島在住作家展 東京展 アートスペース羅針盤  福島展 羽山の森美術館
2013 飛の会(佐藤美術館・東京)
2012 北斗七星展 アートスペース羅針盤(東京都)
2012 TOHOKU heartbeat 展 Gallery COEXIST-TOKYO(東京都)
2012 東北芸術工科大学 大学院芸術工学研究科 修士課程 修了
2011 あおぞらDEアート 中央区立泰明小学校 (東京都)
2011 市川弘充展 アートスペース羅針盤(東京都)
2009 トーキョーワンダーウォール2009 東京都現代美術館(東京都)

2009 Tokyo wonder wall 2009 exhibition Museum contemporary Tokyo art(tokyo)
2011 hiromichi ichikawa exhibition Gallery art space rashinban(tokyo)
Aozora DE Art exhibition chuo ward taimei school(tokyo)
2012 TOHOKU heartbeat exhibition Gallery COEXIST-TOKYO(tokyo)
Hokutoshichisei exhibition Gallery art space rashinban(tokyo)
Completed a master’s from Tohoku University of art&design
2013 HIinokai exhibition The sato museum of art(tokyo)
Artist residents of fukushima exhibition Gallery art space rashinban(tokyo)The hayamanomori museum of art(tokyo)
Artist 15 exhibition k’sGallery(tokyo)

松澤 幸治 Kouji Matsuzawa
2012 ダービー展 (ギャラリーkingyo 東京)
2011 roots(山形まなび館 MONOスクール 山形)
2010 roots (アートスペース羅針盤 東京)
2009 Kawatare Exhibition ㈼ 2009 (十一月画廊 東京)
2008 羅針盤セレクション 日本画小作品展(アートスペース羅針盤 東京)
2008 かわたれ展(十一月画廊 東京)
2008 越冬六匹展(アートスペース羅針盤 東京)

2008 Six wintering exhibition(Art space rashinban Tokyo)
2008 Kawatare exhibition (November art gallery Tokyo)
2008 Compass selection japanese painting small work exhibition(Art rashinban Tokyo)
2009 Kawatare exhibitionⅡ (November art gallery Tokyo)
2010 roots exhibition (Art space rashhinbanTokyo)
2011 roots exhibition (Yamagata manabi hall mono school Yamagata)
2012 Derby exhibition (Gallery kingyo Tokyo)

野瀬 昌樹 Masaki NOSE
2015 Contemporary Japanese Print makers(Davidson galleries/米国シアトル市)
2014 森域・野瀬昌樹個展(ギャラリーオル・テール/東京)
2010 IWAKI ARTトリエンナーレ2010「やる気」(福島県いわき市)
2010 あおもり国際版画トリエンナーレ2010(青森県)
2010 めくるめく東北の鼓動(コエグジスト/東京)
2010 ヤングアート台北(art data bankより出品/台湾)
2009 第34回全国大学版画展「収蔵賞」(東京)
2008 第4回山本鼎版画大賞展「優秀賞」(長野)

2008 4th Kanae Yamamoto Print Grand Prix Competition Nagano [Prize]
2009 34th Annual Exhibition of the Association of Japanese Art Colleges, Tokyo [Prize]
2010 Young Art Taipei, Taiwan
2010 Gallery Coexist Group Exhibition, Tokyo
2010 Iwaki Art Triennial 2010, Fukushima
2010 Aomori Print Triennial 2010, Aomori
2014 gallery Or・Terre, Solo Exhibition, Tokyo
2014 9th Kochi International Print Triennial (7th), Kochi
2015 Davidson galleries, Contemporary Japanese Printmakers, USA

鈴木 隆史 Takahumi Suzuki
2014 紅花colors(山形)
2013 6月は、ジェーン (宮城)
2012 こてんがはじめて (山形)
2012 koten ga hajimete (yamagata)
2013 6gatsu ha june (miragi)
2014 Safflower colors (yamagata)


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