三浦 かおり

Kaori Miura


I wonder in our mind how many memories of a thing and a place we have.
We save memories without the opportunity to remember, and we accumulate them every day.
The memory has no the presence, but what kind of shape, how much weight is it?
And how does it act at the present time?
From the question, I produce works with familiar materials to express the vague and real nature such as the memory, the trace, the sign and the resonance that a person, a thing and a place have.


2015 SICF16(東京都:スパイラルホール)
2015 第5回東京アンデパンダン展 受賞者二人展「存在の気配」(東京都:EARTH+Gallery)
2015 個展「Unknown Time」(東京都:Gallery Camellia)
2014 第5回東京アンデパンダン展(東京都:Earth+Gallery)2位受賞
2014 Gallery Camellia 第1回公募展「Rainy days and…」(東京都:Gallery Camellia)1位受賞
2014 新・港区ハンマーヘッドスタジオOpen Studio Final 撤収展(神奈川県:Hammer Head Studio)
2013 中之条ビエンナーレ2013(群馬県)
2013 個展「記憶の果て」(東京都:Cafe and Gallery hasu no hana)
2012 BankART Artist in Residence PROGRAM 2012 OPEN STUDIO(神奈川県:BankART Studio NYK)
2004 卒業制作展 コース賞(京都府:D’s Gallery)


2015  SICF16(Tokyo:Spiral hall)
2015  5th Tokyo Independent prize-winners “Indication of Presence” (TOKYO:EARTH+Gallery)
2015  Solo show “Unknown Time”(TOKYO:Gallery Camellia)
2014  5th Tokyo Independent (TOKYO:Earth+Gallery) 2nd Prize
2014  Gallery Camellia 1st contest “Rainy days and…” (TOKYO:Gallery Camellia)1st prize
2014  SHIN-MINATOKU Hammer Head Studio Open Studio Final ” REMOVAL” (KANAGAWA:Hammer Head Studio)
2013  Solo Show “final form of memory”
2012  BankART Artist in Residence PROGRAM 2012 OPEN STUDIO (KANAGAWA:BankART Studio NYK)
2004  Graduation work (KYOTO:D’s Gallery) Course prize


  • 三浦 かおり ARTWORKS
  • 三浦 かおり ARTWORKS
  • 三浦 かおり ARTWORKS
  • 三浦 かおり ARTWORKS
  • 三浦 かおり ARTWORKS
  • 三浦 かおり ARTWORKS