ishi to tetete




“ishi to tetete” is an art unit of two members , Tomoko Iwata and Michiko Kondo.
We are trying to capture various interesting things about towns.

We find new ways to preserve the beauty of the simplest things they find in towns and make it more prominent enough for people to appreciate.

In one of our projects, “ishi to tetete Publisher”, We involve ourselves with a workshop together with the children. The workshop includes Arts and Crafts activities, Art research, etc. We let the children explore what surrounds them and let them discover things that they could do with the basic things that we have in our environment.

The intention of this project is to spread awareness about the value of life and what surrounds it. To cherish every single moment each of us had and will soon have and the little things that we take for granted.



岩田 とも子
2015  森と子どもとアーティスト(太宰府アートのたね / 福岡)
2014  粟島芸術家村 Artist in Residence  (粟島 / 香川)
2013 PPR空想地学研究所 設立(Tokyo Art Research Lab / 東京)

近藤 美智子
2011 中之条ビエンナーレ2011(伊参スタジオ / 群馬)
2009 個展 – silent scene 沈黙の間に、(Gallery terra tokyo / 東京)
2009 越後妻有アートトリエンナーレ2009(十日町 / 新潟)


  • 石とててて ARTWORKS
  • 石とててて ARTWORKS
  • 石とててて ARTWORKS
  • 石とててて ARTWORKS
  • 石とててて ARTWORKS