大橋 博

Hiroshi Ohashi


1967 群馬県生まれ
1999 東京芸術大学大学院美術研究科文化財保存学科修了
1991 東京造形大学卒業

Old buildings are sculptural. Life, which used to be active there, become a chronicle, and layers of time only support its foundation. What kind of sound can we hear by visiting the place, or what kind of light can we catch? Things I am creating merely play side characters of the story.

1967 Born in Gunma, Japan
1999 Completed Postgraduate Studies at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
1991 Graduated from Tokyo University of Art and Design


2012 『越境視点』Y++|Wada Fine Arts、北京
2010 My Humble House、台北
2009 『ともだちや』Wada Fine Arts、東京
2008 『性善説』 Wada Fine Arts東京
2007 Wada Fine Arts、東京
2006 Hard Core Contemporary、Miami

Solo Exhibitions
2012 “Cross-border perspective”Y++| Wada Fine Arts/ Beijing
2010 My Humble House/ Taipei
2009 “Tomodachi-Ya” Wada Fine Arts / Tokyo
2008 “Seizensetsu”, Wada Fine Arts / Tokyo
2007 Wada Fine Arts, Tokyo
2006 Hard Core Art Contemporary Space, Miami


  • 大橋 博 ARTWORKS
  • 大橋 博 ARTWORKS
  • 大橋 博 ARTWORKS
  • 大橋 博 ARTWORKS
  • 大橋 博 ARTWORKS
  • 大橋 博 ARTWORKS