高島 芳幸

Yoshiyuki-Takashima 出身地:茨城




I ask myself about pictures and visible things: The form, color, quality of a canvas before my eyes and the distance between a canvas and me. The difference of records of seeing and expressions, passing time, action and body. A sense of possession by seeing, the fusion and reverse between a subject and a object.
When people first see not only some picture but also some space, scenery and site history, what will they see, feel and think of? How do the world and I exist? I am trying to think of and do art as an act of its beginning.


2017 高島芳幸 大川祐 「ローカルな私達。」(STORE FRONT、東京)
2016 かがわ・山なみ芸術祭2016(高松市立旧上西小学校、香川、13)
田人の森に遊ぶ-ART MEETNG-(田人の森、福島、09.13.14)
SPIRIT PRODUCTS CONCEPTION 2016 髙島芳幸×本多真理子(SPCギャラリー、東京、11.13.14.)
2015 中之条ビエンナーレ(中之条町、群馬、09.11.13)
2014 磁気状況2014 高島芳幸×高田芳樹(ギャラリー彩園子、盛岡、92)
2012 波浮港現代美術展 (旧波浮小学校・旧甚の丸、伊豆大島・東京、11)
2010 OVER TONE Ⅱ-美術の地上戦-(神奈川県民ホールギャラリー、神奈川)
2009 まつしろ現代美術フェスティバル(旧松代藩文武館、長野)
2004 眼差しの東洋・手の記憶(旧国頭村立小・中学校、沖縄)
2003 平面と立体の間 インスタレーション・高島芳幸(うらわ美術館、埼玉)
1999‐00 国際現代美術展-波動-(Kwangju City Art Museum、韓国、神奈川県民ホールギャラリー)



Group Exhibitions
2017 Yoshiyuki Takashima Yu Ohkawa “Local Artists” STORE FRONT,Tokyo
2016 Art Meeting-Play in the Forest of TABITO, Iwaki, Fukushima Pref. ’09 ’13 ’14
Mariko Honda , SPC Gallery, Tokyo. ’11 ’13 ’14
2014 Magnetic Circumstance 2014 Yoshiyuki Takashima ×Yoshiki Takata , Gallery SAIENSU, Morioka, Iwate Pref. ’92
2013 ART ROAD MANNO: KAGAWA YAMANAMI Art Festival, Kagawa Pref. NAKANOJO BIENNALE ’09 ’11 , Nakanojo town, Gunma Pref.
2012 The International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2012 , HABU Harbor,
Izu-Oshima Island, Tokyo
2010 Ground Warfare-OVER TONE II , Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery,
Kanagawa Pref.
2009 Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival 2009 , Old Bunbukan, Nagano Pref.
2004 The Eye of the Orient-The Hand of Memories , Old Kunigami-sosu Junior
High School, Okinawa Pref.
2003 Between Painting and Sculpture-installation TAKASHIMA Yoshiyuki , Urawa
Museum, Saitama Pref.
2000-1999 Hado: The International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Kwangju City Art Museum, Korea: Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery

Solo Exhibitions
Gallery Gen, Gallery Maki, Gallery Den, Gallery LUNAMI, Gallery SAIENSU, etc.


  • 高島 芳幸 ARTWORKS
  • 高島 芳幸 ARTWORKS
  • 高島 芳幸 ARTWORKS
  • 高島 芳幸 ARTWORKS
  • 高島 芳幸 ARTWORKS
  • 高島 芳幸 ARTWORKS