髙島 芳幸

Yoshiyuki-Takashima 埼玉




埼玉県在住/1953年 茨城県生まれ

I ask painting and things that I see, about the form, color, quality of the canvas in front and its distance, about the phases of the records and expressions of the action of seeing and its time, action, body, and about the sense of possession by seeing, the fusion and reverse between subjects and objects.

When we first face space, scenery, and history that sites have had, as well as painting, what do we see and how do we feel or think of ? I am trying to think of how the world and I are concerned with each other, and art as the action of the beginning.

Saitama/1953 born in Ibaraki


2014 磁気状況2014 高島芳幸×高田芳樹(ギャラリー彩園子、盛岡、92)
田人の森に遊ぶ-ART MEETNG-(田人の森、福島、09.13)
SPIRIT PRODUCTS CONCEPTION 2014 髙島芳幸×小林ナオコ(SPCギャラリー、東京 11.13)
2013 かがわ・山なみ芸術祭(国営讃岐まんのう公園、香川)
2012  波浮港現代美術展 (旧波浮小学校・旧甚の丸、伊豆大島・東京、11)
2010 OVER TONE Ⅱ-美術の地上戦-(神奈川県民ホールギャラリー、神奈川)
2009 まつしろ現代美術フェスティバル(旧松代藩文武館、長野)
2004 眼差しの東洋・手の記憶(旧国頭村立小・中学校、沖縄)
2003  平面と立体の間 インスタレーション・高島芳幸(うらわ美術館、埼玉)
1999-00 国際現代美術展-波動-(Kwangju City Art Museum、韓国、神奈川県民ホールギャラリー)


Group Exhibitions
2014  Magnetic Circumstance 2014 Yoshiyuki Takashima ×Yoshiki Takata  ’92
at Gallery SAIENSU, Morioka, Iwate Pref.
2014  Art Meeting-Play in the Forest of Tabito  ’09 ’13  Iwaki, Fukushima Pref.
2014  SPIRIT PRODUCTION CONCEPTION 2014  Yoshiyuki Takashima ×
Naoko Kobayashi  ’11 ’13  at SPC Gallery, Tokyo
2013  ART ROAD MANNO: KAGAWA YAMANAMI Art Festival, Kagawa Pref.
2013  NAKANOJO BIENNALE  ’09 ’11 , Nakanojo town, Gunma Pref.
2012  The International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2012 at HABU Harbor, Izu-Oshima Island, Tokyo
2010  Ground Warfare-OVER TONE II at Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Kanagawa Pref.
2009  Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival 2009 at Old Bunbukan, Nagano Pref.
2004  The Eye of the Orient-The Hand of Memories at Old Kunigami-sosu Junior High School, Okinawa Pref.
2003  Between Painting and Sculpture-installation TAKASHIMA Yoshiyuki at Urawa Museum, Saitama Pref.
2000-1999  Hado: The International Exhibition of Contemporary Art  at Kwangju City Art Museum, Korea: Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery

Solo Exhibitions
Gallery Gen, Gallery Maki, Gallery Den, Gallery LUNAMI, Gallery SAIENSU, etc.


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  • 髙島 芳幸 ARTWORKS
  • 髙島 芳幸 ARTWORKS
  • 髙島 芳幸 ARTWORKS
  • 髙島 芳幸 ARTWORKS
  • 髙島 芳幸 ARTWORKS