Ting Chaong Wen 台湾




Ting Chaong-Wen is an installation artist and visual designer. Ting’s works are often inspired by his own experiences and regularly include ready-made objects, which through the context of a particular exhibition become part of a particular historical narrative. Thus the artist deconstructs, interprets, and reinterprets our shared history in surprising and innovate ways. He examines dominant values, historical conflicts such as colonialism, migration, and cultural collective memory and their cross-border existence.


2014  Shiro and Oni Ko, Shiro Oni Studio, Gunma
2014  Image/ Sound: Concept and Position, LE CENTQUATRE 104, Paris France
2014  Now Is Nowhere, ITPARK, Taipei
2014  Day After Day, Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle
2014  The Moment of Devotion, DOU Maison gallery, Tainan
2013  History of Hybrid Culture Movements, Contemporary Art Institute 2, Sapporo
2012  The Memory,The Two Cities in the Night Market, Bamboo Curtain Studio,Taipei
2010  Taste Memory, idolonstudio, Berlin Germany
2010  Delphine’s Home, Fuggerstr34, Berlin Germany
2010 1979, Cite Internationale des Arts Studio 1702, Paris France


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  • 丁昶文 ARTWORKS
  • 丁昶文 ARTWORKS
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  • 丁昶文 ARTWORKS
  • 丁昶文 ARTWORKS