東城 信之介

Shinnosuke Tojo 出身地:信州


錆などの時間軸と共に 、より見えている世界を現実のものとしている


Time is often multifaceted. The convergence of its many aspects forms dimensions that, although fragile, interface with our ranges of vision. Our various imaginations then unleash time’s many aspects once again. Time is born when the forms within scenes made of unified perceptions are restrained. As if resisting these corrective forms, time progresses, ripens, and withers. The ancient ruins within this process tell the story of time. Shinnosuke Tojo’s multiple-panel works made from 0.3-millimeter steel sheets scraped into gradations of a few millimeters are visual representations of the many aspects of these forms. Perched between the boundaries of eternal pretense and reality, and fluid emotion and the past produced in rust, his metallic creations forge the way to the future.

Immortal works are made through processes of breathing and burning. The artist does not aim to merely finish them, but to bring them to a finished state imbued with life. In his or her last moments, these instances surely come to dwell within the body of the artist. As we encounter all kind of people and places, what are the times that we share in our life? Tojo’s works are inspired by this question.


1978 信州生まれ 神奈川在住
2004 東京造形大学美術学科比較造形卒業
2005 東京造形大学研究生修了


2016 亡線   galerieH/三軒茶屋
2016 Rec+ 交じり融けし箍 cohju contemporary art /京都
2014「秤たばかれ、」 galerieH/三軒茶屋
2013「其のジカイ」-second dimension- galerieH/三軒茶屋
2013「 渦。」 MIU ART BOX/岡山
2012「散時元-another dimension-」galerie H/三軒茶屋
2011「Genma」art museum まど中野/長野
2011「distortion-歪」 OGU MAG/田端
2010「時滲」GALERIE SOL / 銀座
2009「boundary+」GALERIE SOL / 銀座
2008「intersice」GALERIE SOL/ 銀座


2016 Sharing the Future/チェンマイ タイ
2014 富士の山ビエンナーレ 富士/静岡
2014 zushi art site/逗子海岸
2013「マツシロオルタナティブ」 池田満寿夫美術館/長野
2013/2014「Who By Art」 西武(渋谷・池袋)
2012 Young Artist Japan デザイナーズウィーク内 外苑
2012 「よみとく。」  ACT/四谷
2012 未来抽象芸術展  スペースゼロ/新宿
2012 SICF  スパイラルホール/青山
2011 topos 花蔵/長野
2011 topos  FLATFILE/長野
2008「Water link 2008」相模湖/ 神奈川
2008「THE EAST and THE EAST」 withロシアart上野の森美術館/ 東京
2008 釜山国際環境芸術祭 釜山韓国
2007/08 tokyo station exhibition
2003 「艶」      ルデコ/渋谷


2013 TAGBOAT FES 審査員特別賞受賞
2012 Young Artist Japan グランプリ受賞 外苑
2006 明日への展望展 俊英作家賞受賞
2005 第三回山本鼎版画展 佳賞受賞


2016 UNTITLD/マイアミ アメリカ
2016 Art Stage Jakarta /インドネシア
2016 ArtFair London 2016/ロンドン
2016 Art Stage Singapore/シンガポール
2015 DAEGU ARTFAIR 2015/韓国
2015 Sydney art rair/オーストラリア
2015 affordable art fair /香港
2014 affordable art fair /シンガポール
2014 Melbourne Art Fair メルボルン/オーストラリア
2014 Art Show BUSAN 釜山/韓国
2014 Asia Hotel Art Fair 香港/中国
2010 TCAF PLUS+ 東京新橋


1978 Born in Nagano
2004 Tokyo University of Art and Design art department comparison forming graduation
2005 Completion of research student of
Tokyo zoukei University


2016 亡線   galerieH
2016 Rec+ 交じり融けし箍
cohju contemporary art /Kyoto
2014「秤たばかれ、」 galerieH
2013「其のジカイ」-second dimension- galerieH
2013「 渦。」 MIU ART BOX
2012「散時元-another dimension-」galerie H
2011 “Genma” ArtMuseumMado
2011「distortion-歪」 OGU MAG
2010 “jisin” GALERIE SOL / Ginza
2009 “boundary +”GALERIE SOL/Ginza
2008 “intersice” GALERIE SOL / Ginza

<Group Exhibition>

Biennial Nakanozyou/ Gunma
2016 Sharing the Future/Chiang Mai Thailand
2014 mount Fuji Biennial Fuji/Shizuoka
2014 zushi art site/zushi sea
2013「Arafudo Art Annual 」Fukushima
2013「Matsushiro Alternative」 IkedaMasuoArtMusiam/Nagano
2013/2014「Who By Art」 Seibu(Shibuya・Ikebukuro)
2012 Young Artist Japan
2012 「よみとく。」  ACT
2012 未来抽象芸術展 spece Zero/shinjiyuku
2012 SICF  spairal/aoyama
2011 Metamorphoses/Nagano
2011 topos  FLATFILE/Nagano
2011 topos Hanagura/Nagano
2010 hot springs art Festival/ Gunma
2008 “Water link 2008” Lake Sagami
2008″THE EAST and THE EAST”Russian art with the Ueno RoyalMuseumTokyo
2008 Busan International Environmental Art Festival 2008 Busan korea
2007/08 tokyo station exhibition
2007 u35-500exhibition / Yokohama
2003 “Tuya” LE DECO / Shibuya


2013 TAGBOAT FES Special Awards
2012 Grand Prix Young Artist Japan /Desineas Week
2006 A lot of elections for winning Shunei writer Prize and others case
2005Yamamoto Kanae Print Awards


2016 UNTITLD/Maiami USA
2016 Art Stage Jakarta /Indonesia
2016 ArtFair London 2016/London
2016 Art Stage Singapore/Singapore
2015 Daegu art fair/Daegu Korea
2015 Sydney art fair /Sydney
2015 affordable art fair /HongKong
2014 affordable art fair /Singapore
2014 Melbourne Art Fair Melbourne/Australia
2014 Art Show BUSAN Busan/Korea
2014 Asia Hotel Art Fair HongKong/China
2010 TCAF PLUS + Tokyo /Shinbashi
2009 Tokyo Contemporary Art Fair


  • 東城 信之介 ARTWORKS
  • 東城 信之介 ARTWORKS
  • 東城 信之介 ARTWORKS
  • 東城 信之介 ARTWORKS
  • 東城 信之介 ARTWORKS
  • 東城 信之介 ARTWORKS