瀧田 りさ

Risa Takita 日本


Born in Tokyo Japan
Buto dancer, Performer, Organizer, Artist
Study fine art , theatre, physiology and anatomy , contemporary dance, composition in USA, Europe, Japan

She have showed her work so far  in worldwide art and dance  festival in Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, UK, Hungary, Korea,
Mediations Biennale Poland, Contemporary Art museum in Ecador, Spain, Italy

She try to reach to sensual state through beautiful language of body, which takes viewers to unknown world to get inspiration and power of creativity in their life.
Her work  is beauty of  emotion , energy , spirit.

Gerrit Rietveld Academy , Fine Art Department, Amsterdam, Holland


Gastronomic & Cinema Festival, Spain
TEA  ( Tenerlfe Contemporary Art Museum), Spain
Gran Canaria Multi Media Art Center, Spain
CAC of Ecuador ( Contemporary Art Museum of Ecuador), Ecuador,

Cass,                Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag, Holland
Female Focus, Camera Japan Festival, Rotterdam, Holland
Bind,                 Young Blood Initiative OT301 Amsterdam Holland

Fukushima     Ministry of Economic Department , Den Haag, Holland
Kaze              The Museum of  Ethnology Leiden, Holland
Kaze                Japan day , Dusseldorf, Germany
Bind,               International Art Festival open space, Berlin, Germany
VAP                Amsterdam dance playground, ADE  , Holland,
Neubauntein  Einsterude neubauntein Party, Amsterdam Holland

Recovery Room, Inter Azioni Performance Festival, Assem, Italy
Recovery Room, MMAC Festival Fukushima, Japan
REcovery Room, MMAC Festival Tokyo Japan
Tirvyous Wagon, Mozg international Art Festival, Bedygosz, Poland


  • 瀧田 りさ ARTWORKS
  • 瀧田 りさ ARTWORKS
  • 瀧田 りさ ARTWORKS