Nia Pushkarova ソフィア/ブルガリア




I am an artist from Bulgaria, have graduated Fine arts in Reading University, UK in 1995. During the years I have got to the point of extending my practice as an artist into making artist run initiative for making a platform for communication through the arts. The festival I have made is called Water tower art fest. I see myself as a mediator of the western culture and eastern in a way, dealing with art helps me situate myself better in the everyday life being in Bulgaria or elsewhere. The questions of feminine expression are an important one for me and I do explore it in my paintings and videos. Another topic of mine is the sharing – experience, ideas and memories.

So in the recent years in my art I incorporated performance and life situation as a main inspiration to the work I am doing with different mediums- painting , photography and video.


2015 – Participation at Setup Art Fair, Bologna – Arte contemporanea gallery Rieti
2014 – Curator and organizer of Water tower art fest, participating as artist with glass mural and video installation
2013 – October – organizer and artist participant at show in London UK, Bulgarian cultural center and Standpoint gallery – The Bulgarians are coming WTAF in UK
2013 – Participation at Façade fest Plovdiv
2013 – Participation at Larroque art fest,
France – video installation: “The expulsion of Adam and Eve”
2013 – June “Water tower art fest” – Temporary protected spaces – organizer and curator, participating with video installation “Expulsion of Eden”
2013 – April “Trans local meeting” Palma de Mallorca, Spain – presentation of activities at Miro Foundation and exhibition at Binissalem exhibition hall
2013 – March – “Hospital for lovers” – installation – participation at Gallery Raiko Alexiev
2013 – Participation at Haifa event, Israel – “Lower Haifa, Upper Haifa” with video installation
2012 – August – September “Feminine expression” – exhibition at SAMCA Museum of Contemporary art Sofia – oil paintings and video installation


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  • ニア・プシュカロヴァ ARTWORKS
  • ニア・プシュカロヴァ ARTWORKS
  • ニア・プシュカロヴァ ARTWORKS
  • ニア・プシュカロヴァ ARTWORKS
  • ニア・プシュカロヴァ ARTWORKS