村上 郁

Kaoru Murakami 東京





In the making of artwork, she incorporates the memories of others, such as used postcards, text, everyday objects or photos, expanding the image of them to examine to what extent we are able to feel familiar with the existence of others or past events. She is continuing to make artworks as she moves freely between various media, for example installations, collages and drawings.


2014 「Project6581:Parallel Perception & Counter Connection」Japan Creative Center、シンガポール
2012 「Unknown Life〈Unknown Series No.3〉」Underground gallery、東京
2010 「TAMA VIVANTⅡ/ポイケドジャナイ」多摩美術大学ほか2カ所、東京
2008  「群馬青年ビエンナーレ」群馬県立美術館, 群馬
2008  「P&E 2008」ARTCOURT GALLERY, 大阪
2008  Central Saint Martins College 卒業
2004 多摩美術大学美術学部絵画学科版画専攻 卒業


2014 “Project6581:Parallel Perception & Counter Connection” Japan Creative Center, Singapore

2012 “Unknown Life〈Unknown Series No.3〉” Underground gallery, Tokyo

2010 “TAMA VIVANTⅡ” Tama Art University and 2 other places, Tokyo

2008 “Gunma Young Artists Biennial 2008″ Museum of Modern Art, Gunma

2008 “Presentation & Exhibition” ARTCOURT GALLERY, Osaka

2008 Graduated from Central Saint Martins College

2004 Graduated from Tama Art University


  • 村上 郁 ARTWORKS
  • 村上 郁 ARTWORKS
  • 村上 郁 ARTWORKS
  • 村上 郁 ARTWORKS
  • 村上 郁 ARTWORKS