古橋 香

Kaori Furuhashi 茨城



The painting I make start from a thing that has opposite two-sides like <far / near> <hard / soft> <interesting / frightening>. Starting from things I know and going as far as possible, I try to compose an unknown plane.

In my works I use abstract forms such as dots, blurred paint and strokes of colors. Continual reaction to canvas with those primary and eloquent elements is the essentials of my artwork.

Also it’s important for me to give the painting two directions of forces; gravity and a sensation of spreading out from itself.


2014 街なか展示「コーヒー&アート」Vol.4 古橋香  水戸市内飲食店/茨城 (企画:竹久侑/水戸芸術館現代美術センター)
2014 個展 Protean Kid  Shonandai MY Gallery/東京
2014 トーキョーワンダーウォール公募2014入選作品展  東京都現代美術館/東京(’13)
2013 個展 ほどけゆく山 山はわたし  Shonandai MY Gallery/東京
2012 MOTHERS  シャトー2F/東京(企画:小川希/Art Center Ongoing)
2011 BankART Artist in Residence 2011  BankART Studio NYK/神奈川
2009 前橋アートコンペライブ2009 受賞作品公開展示  前橋市役所/群馬
2008 カフェ・イン・水戸2008  水戸市街地/茨城

2014  Street Exhibition “Coffee & Art” Vol.4 Kaori Furuhashi    cafes and restaurants in Mito /Ibaraki, Japan  (Curated by Yuu Takehisa /Curator, Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito)
2014  Solo Exhibition “Protean Kid”    Shonandai MY Gallery /Tokyo
2014  Tokyo Wonder Wall 2014    Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo /Tokyo (’13)
2013  Solo Exhibition “Unraveling Mountain is Me”    Shonandai MY Gallery /Tokyo
2012  MOTHERS    Chateau 2F /Tokyo    (Curated by Nozomu Ogawa /Director, Art Center Ongoing)
2011  BankART Artist in Residence 2011    BankART Studio NYK /Kanagawa, Japan
2009  Maebashi Art Competition Live 2009 Award-winning Works Exhibition    Maebashi Municipal Hall /Gunma, Japan
2008  CAFE in Mito 2008    Central Mito city /Ibaraki, Japan


  • 古橋 香 ARTWORKS
  • 古橋 香 ARTWORKS
  • 古橋 香 ARTWORKS
  • 古橋 香 ARTWORKS
  • 古橋 香 ARTWORKS
  • 古橋 香 ARTWORKS