Jaime Humphreys 出身地:イギリス




Working across a broad range of media including installation, video, drawing and sculpture, Jaime Humphreys’ practice is underpinned by an interest in exploring people’s relationship to the environments they inhabit. In a broad sense, his visual investigations involve acts of tracing physical spaces and surfaces to reveal notions of impermanence, developing out of contexts provided by specific locales. Extending out of a desire to push the medium of drawing beyond the paper surface into the real world, his “drawings” come to evoke a sense of transience in human endeavour.


2009 「Continuous Line」遊工房アートスペース,東京
2011 「トロールの森2011」東京
2011 「立石タピストリー・プロジェクト」立石
2012 「えがく、こども」石巻DRAWING PROJECT、宮城県
2013 「Jaime Humphreys – Solo Exhibition」遊工房アートスペース,東京
2013 「Newcomer’s View」小金井アートスポット
2013 「トロールの森2013」東京
2013 「~小さな世界と大きな世界~」千葉
2014 「Crater vol.1」遊工房アートスペース,東京
2014 「The Moving Image Project」ニューヨーク
2014 「色砂で描く、ひとときの絵」千葉県
2015 「中之条ビエンナーレ2015」群馬
2016 「Sharing the Future チェンマイ×中之条交流プロジェクト」チェンマイ,タイ

2002「Owen Ridley Drawing Prize」(イギリス)


2016 Sharing the Future: Chiang Mai × Nakanojo Exchange Exhibition, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2015 NAKANOJO BIENNALE, Gunma, Japan
2014 A Fleeting Image – Colored Sand, Chiba, Japan
2014 The Moving Image Project curated by Charlie Levine, New York, USA
2014 Crater vol.1, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo
2013 Macro and Micro Worlds, Chiba, Japan
2013 Trolls in the Park 2013, Tokyo
2013 Newcomer’s View, Koganei Art Spot, Tokyo
2013 Jaime Humphreys Solo Exhibition, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo
2012 Ishinomaki Drawing Project, Miyagi, Japan
2011 Tateishi Tapestry Project, Tateishi, Tokyo
2011 Trolls in the Park 2011, Tokyo
2009 Continuous Line, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo

2002 Owen Ridley Drawing Prize (UK)


協力:高山林業株式会社、 斎木七郎石材本家


Cooperation: Takayama Ringyou, Saiki Shichiro Stone Masonry
Camera: Guy Wigmore, Kenichi Okayasu

Thank you to all those who gave their time and support to help realize this work.


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  • ジェイミ・ハンフリーズ ARTWORKS
  • ジェイミ・ハンフリーズ ARTWORKS